Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Target Run

Yesterday we did what we now refer to as "a Target Run". LOL.
I got these FREE! Actually I made money on these: Tide are 97¢ each and coupons were $1.00 each (3¢ profit each). The Glade starter kit was $5.04 and the coupon was $6.00 (a 96¢ profit!). The Oreo's were just free.

Vaseline Lotions $2.99 each - I paid $49¢ each
Glade Sprays $2.34 each - I paid $34¢ each
Glade Carpet Powder $2.89 - I paid $1.14
Suave 99¢ each - I paid 24¢ each
Gillette Body Wash $3.54 - I paid $1.54
Right Guard 2pk $4.00 - I paid $1.00
Yakisoba 99¢ - I paid 49¢ each
Friskies Treats reg $1.49 on sale $1.34 - I paid $34¢ each
Total Value $40.14 > I paid $7.82

Earlier we had stopped at Wal- mart where I got 2 bottles of Gain free and 1 can of cat food free.
The Gain was 97¢ each less the $1.00 coupon on each netting me a profit of 6¢ LOL.
The cat food was 60¢
The Dentasticks were $2.98- I paid 98¢

Total Value $6.12 - I paid  $1.58

Junkyard Finds
Dave had a "find" this week! Yep another Wilton pan! Just needed a good wash!

I started aggressively attacking the clutter in the basement and around the house. We are hopefully having a yard sale in the next 2 weeks. Whatever is left over will be donated. I need to make room in the basement. We are planning to put a water closet (toilet & sink) in. We also are replacing the drain pipe under the floor to the main line. Yes a major project for the winter.

As for my hip problems - there are good days and bad days! The medicine is no "wonder drug" that is for sure!
Have a good evening!

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