Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dreary Sunday

It has been cold, windy and misty all day. Not a day to get any planting or gardening done.
I did my "weekly" grocery shopping with very little to report in the way of big savings. I didn't have anything other than the weekly needs (milk, fresh veggies, and finally we needed cat food - my stockpile is gone).
I ad matched for some Banquet fruit pies and got them for 48¢ each (reg 69¢ each) plus 2 free.

I needed some things from Menards so we ran out there. I did get a "freebie" there also.

The regular price is $6.99, I don't think I would have ever bought them . They are in the dryer now. I don't know how I will know if they cut down on drying time since my dryer does not sense the load is dry and shuts off itself (hmm). I guess I will experiment with the timer, which will probably result in more trips up and down the basement stairs (this is where I am rolling my eyes lol). I will know soon enough if they make the load soft without a dryer sheet though. LOL.
I did stop by Target again this week to pick up the dog food they had on sale. I picked up another Vaseline lotion w/freebie sample and paid only $1.24 (reg price $5.99).

I know it may sound like I make a lot of trips to the stores to save money, which actually would defeat the purpose. However that is not the way it is. I work 15 miles from my house. In another city. I pass these stores daily on my trip home, so,  it is easy for me to stop after work.  I check the other blogs every evening and then check my coupon stash , make my list and then make the plan to stop on the way home.  No waste of gas or time.

As I was putting away some canned goods and rotating stock today.  I realized I had 6 cans of pumpkin (jeez).  I then remembered that it was on sale 2 for $1.00 last fall. I also remembered I didn't make the pies for Thanksgiving, Mom did. So this afternoon I whipped up some Pumpkin Bars with cream cheese frosting. YUMMY!

Since I haven't much in the way of current "finds" to share, I thought I would show off some past thrift store and yard sale "finds". ( I will call it "past finds" ) LOL
This was my most exciting "find' by far. I paid less than a dollar for this set of  vintage looms and sold them on ebay for $70.00

This 32 pc set of dishes were New never out of the box (until I took the pic) I paid $5.00 at a yard sale. Sold the set on craigslist for $20.00
I picked this bee costume up for $1.00 at a yard sale and sold it on craigslist for $10.00

Well that is it for today.
Have a good evening!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday

Finally some decent yard sales! There were only a few (probably because the weathermen said there would be severe weather all weekend - they were wrong - as usual)!
First sale, I picked up this really cute tablecloth for Halloween and this lantern which will look good in my garden. The tablecloth was well worth the $2.00 as it is of good quality and like new. It is also a very large one. The lantern as you see was 50¢.
The next sale I got something for my doggie! I have looked at these many times but wasn't willing to part with the $14.95 plus s/h.  So when I saw the $2.00 price tag I snagged it on up!

 Wow it is so much more attractive than the "old pans" she has been using forever. LOL.

She loves it of course (she's a thifty dog)!

I picked up this adorable costume (even my 14 year old son said it was "cute").
It's Scooby Doo and it was 25¢. I will put it up for sale close to Halloween and make a profit off of it ;)
I just wish I could find a "little one" to model it for me LOL!
This FireKing bread pan was 50¢ and the Tupperware deviled egg keeper was 50¢. The cookie cutter "helmet" she threw in for free. The brass thing was 25¢. Brass is paying $1.80 a pound at hubby's scrap yard and this weighs a pound (PROFIT!!!)
Got this little bamboo chair for $1.00 I think a plant on it will look cute.

Last I found these for 25¢!!

Aren't they just "gothic"!!! With some paint and some tapered candles (and something for the middle hmm ideas anyone?) these will look awesome on my dining table! Watch for their makeover in a future blog.
That was my yard saling adventures for today.

Anyone have any to share? I would love to hear and see what your "finds" were.
Please comment or share your link.
Have a good evening!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Strawberry Deals

Thank you, to Crystal, over at I got a "heads up" on 16 oz packages of strawberries at Aldi for 99¢. I will say I was expecting to find "clearance" strawberries , but no way! They had just brought them in the store and they are so fresh! Only had 2 berries that were not good. I have washed and cut the tops off them all. They are now on trays in the freezer. Once frozen I will transfer them to bags.
 I looked at strawberries this weekend while doing my regular shopping at a local supermarket. The same size were going for $3.68!

Stopped by Walgreens on my way home yesterday for a couple good deals.

I got the Dawn (reg price $1.99) for 49¢ each and the razors (reg price $6.99) for 99¢.
Total value $10.97 > I paid $1.97

I have an auction going on ebay right now for a retired Wilton Mickey Mouse cake pan. You can link up here if you want to check it out.

Thanks for stopping. Have a good evening!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bang Up Saturday

Saturday was such a beautiful day and I had so many plans to do some gardening, until... I fell down the stairs! I'm pretty banged up with lots and lots of bruises, some nasty looking cuts and stressed muscles.
 I am doing better today. At least I was able to get 3 plants in the ground.
I bought only a few so far. Just enough to make me feel slightly better after my fall.
 Isn't this Black Eyed Susan just beautiful!!

I also got two different kinds of Poppies, some Moss Rose, 6 Roma tomatoes, a Nelli Moser Clematis and a yellow Dahlia. They made me smile and took my mind off the pain.
No mailbox freeebies this week :(
Not many deals either.

I got this bottle of Vaseline Infusion Lotion with it's attached freebie (reg price $5.99) I paid $1.24

Friday I stopped at the HyVee Drugstore on my way home to use the coupons in their ad.

Rotella Bread (reg $2.25) I paid 79¢, canned mushrooms (reg 57¢ each) I paid 99¢ for 3, and Suave (reg $1.09 each ) I paid 50¢ each.
Total value $6.14 > I paid  $2.78

I'm listing on ebay tonight so will get back to that. Have a good evening!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Curbside & Kmart

My son has been fixing the basement up like a rec room for him and his friends to hang out. Recently he informed me he "needed" an entertainment center to put the T.V. and game consoles, etc on. He has been watching on "craigslist" for a free one, because I said I was not buying one. So as we are traveling home today I saw this computor desk on the curb. It wasn't bad looking at all. ( I was hoping he didn't want it so I could put our other PC on it). So we went home got the truck and went back for it.
It is really rather heavy so we waited til his dad got home to get it into the house and basement.
I just went down and checked it out and it works perfectly.

I think I will have him remove the keyboard tray and I will attach it to a table my Aunt gave me that I have been contemplating making into a PC desk. (Something for a future blog).

Later I was on "freecycle" and saw a post that someone was giving away some 2x4's. I contacted her and she said she has had 3 people "not show up" for them. So Dave and I ran down to see if they were of use.
We got 10 2x4x6's and a few other pieces of wood. We are wanting to build a shed on the back of the garage to house my gardening things. So that is just 10 less 2x4's I now have to buy!

My mom asked me to run her out to Kmart today. They are having quite a clearance sale on their winter things most $1.99, I did not find any clothes but, I did find me a new bag to carry all my "other" stuff to work in . The  BONUS besides it being only 99¢ (orig $14.99) , it has crows on it!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love crows.

I only buy a new purse when something goes wrong with the one I use. I don't even like carrying the darn things. When I do buy a new one I just go to the thrift store and I usually find something suitable for $2.00 or less.
I found this purse at Kmart ($19.99 orig price) for 99¢! I picked it up so now I have another on hand when my current one wears out. LOL.

No super coupon deals today. I only bought a few things we needed for the week. I am trying to use up our stockpile of food in our freezer.
 Back to work tomorrow so I will end. Have a good evening!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A few yard sales

We got some pretty decent weather today and decided to hit some "yard sales". I think it is too early as there were no truly "good" ones. I managed to pick up some namebrand jeans for myself that are like new. Paid $1.00 for one and $2.00 for the other.

 We stopped at what we deemed would be the "last" sale since they were all so disappointing. Of course she had nothing marked and I hate these, because they usually think their crap is worth so much they don't put a price on it. I usually will not ask because when they tell you the "far fetched price" they expect you to jump on it and hand them the money.They usually take offense when you turn it down. However I asked and I am so very glad I did cause what I found is awesome.

I asked how much for the candelabra and the lady said $2.00 so I said how much for the other thing (meaning the hanging thing) she says "oh no $2.00 for both". I was elated and gave her the money instantly. They need cleaned up and I need to get some candles (10 total- black ones of course). I need to figure out where to put them > but I will :)
It was another busy week at the mailbox.
More diapers, a dvd for Potty training, dog treats, 2 packages of feminine products, Purex 3 in 1 sheet, Tide sample, and Lipton Green Tea, which came in a cute decorated mesh pouch.
On Monday I stopped by the store to price match and use my coupons.
Era (reg $3.58 each), I paid $1.58 each, Hunts Tomato Sauce (reg 69¢ each) I paid 19¢ each, and the Wheat Thins (reg price $2.58) I paid 88¢.
Total value $13.29 > I paid $4.99
Tomorrow I have vowed to set aside time to work on my new online store at Etsy and also get back to my eBay selling. I will be sharing more in the future about both.
Have a good evening!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It was a beautiful day for Easter egg hunting! My granddaughter enjoyed it. Dinner was delicious too (so good there are no leftovers).
This week in the mailbox  we had only 3 free samples. A Kashi bar (you can only see the box since my son ate it),  Playtex and a Rachel Ray dog food pouch.
We stopped at the store on friday and picked up some last minute things and I grabbed the "deals" which were:> Campbells Cream Soups 60¢ each (reg $1.09 each) I had coupons for $1.00 off 2 cans so they cost me 10¢ each, Steamers 78¢ each (reg 1.48 each) after coupons they were 38¢ each!
Total value $7.32  > I paid $1.16

Yesterday I made cookies with some cookie cutters in my collection.  I have at least 60 cutters of all kinds, plastic, metal, tin,  that I have picked up here and there. I usually find a bag full for "little of nothing" and can't resist.  Most I plan to sell (not my old tin ones)! 
I have only attempted to make cut out cookies once before and they did not turn out well.  Yesterday I decided to attempt it again. They turned out well and are really tasty. I even decorated them!

I have tomorrow off work and plan to stop at the store to catch the other deals using "ad match". My son has dental appointment in the morning, ( I hope it does not take long) so we may go to our favorite thrift store after, if there is time. Stay tuned for further "finds".
Happy Easter and enjoy your evening.