Saturday, April 10, 2010

A few yard sales

We got some pretty decent weather today and decided to hit some "yard sales". I think it is too early as there were no truly "good" ones. I managed to pick up some namebrand jeans for myself that are like new. Paid $1.00 for one and $2.00 for the other.

 We stopped at what we deemed would be the "last" sale since they were all so disappointing. Of course she had nothing marked and I hate these, because they usually think their crap is worth so much they don't put a price on it. I usually will not ask because when they tell you the "far fetched price" they expect you to jump on it and hand them the money.They usually take offense when you turn it down. However I asked and I am so very glad I did cause what I found is awesome.

I asked how much for the candelabra and the lady said $2.00 so I said how much for the other thing (meaning the hanging thing) she says "oh no $2.00 for both". I was elated and gave her the money instantly. They need cleaned up and I need to get some candles (10 total- black ones of course). I need to figure out where to put them > but I will :)
It was another busy week at the mailbox.
More diapers, a dvd for Potty training, dog treats, 2 packages of feminine products, Purex 3 in 1 sheet, Tide sample, and Lipton Green Tea, which came in a cute decorated mesh pouch.
On Monday I stopped by the store to price match and use my coupons.
Era (reg $3.58 each), I paid $1.58 each, Hunts Tomato Sauce (reg 69¢ each) I paid 19¢ each, and the Wheat Thins (reg price $2.58) I paid 88¢.
Total value $13.29 > I paid $4.99
Tomorrow I have vowed to set aside time to work on my new online store at Etsy and also get back to my eBay selling. I will be sharing more in the future about both.
Have a good evening!

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