Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mid week deals

I stopped byWalgreens on my way home from work and picked up 7 of these Warm Delights on sale for $1.00 each (reg price $2.39 each) with 5 coupons for 50¢ each and 2 coupons for 75¢ each .
 Total value  $16.73 I paid $3.00

I stopped by Target too.

 The Snuggle Fabric Softners were on sale for  $3.99 each. I paid 99¢ each thanks to the $3.00 coupons in Sundays inserts. The Bic razors were $2.59 each. I paid 59¢ each, thanks to some $2.00 coupons in the inserts last week. The Betty Crocker Potatoes were on sale for 99¢ and I found some boxes (back of the shelf lol) with coupons on them for $1.00 off 2 (making them 49¢ each reg price is $1.69). The Stove Top was also on sale for 99¢ each (reg price $1.69) and I had a coupon for $1.00 off 2 that I got online also making them 49¢ each.
Total value $23.30 > I paid $6.10

I price matched at the grocery store and ended up getting 5lb bag of potatoes for 88¢ and eggs 99¢ a dozen. So we will be having deviled eggs and mashed potatoes with our Easter dinner after all!!

Thanks for stopping. Enjoy your evening.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Deals this week

Monday when I went in to work, several people had coupons for me. So after work I ran back to the store to take advantage of that sale I mentioned in my last blog and some ad matching too.
I picked up 4 more Banquet dinners for 51¢ each (reg $1.29 each), 4 more packages of Farmland sausage 41¢ each (reg $1.69 each),
4 bags of Ore Ida Hashbrowns $1.49 each (reg 3.99 each), Lays chips( a new kind) for $1.98 (reg $3.99)
and they actually paid me 9¢ each for the Lunchables (they were on sale for 91¢ and coupons were $1.00 each)
Total worth $34.63 > I paid $11.62

Then it was off to Target!
 Where I bought games as you can see. LOL!

Monopoly on sale $7.00 (reg $10.99) I had 4 - $5.00 off coupons, Connect 4 on sale $7.00 (reg $11.98) I had  4- $4.00 off coupons, so I paid $2.00 each for the Monopoly games and $3.00 each for the Connect 4 games (WOWEE!!!!)
 The Band-aids ended up costing me 44¢ a box (reg $1.84) and the Dove Shampoo also cost me 44¢ (reg $3.44)
Total worth $99.00 > I paid  $25.46 ($4.00 of it was tax)

We found some things in our mailbox this week too!

The box from All-Bran contained 2 kinds of cereal samples and a package of flower seeds, I also recieved  a nice sized sample bag of dog food, a one wipe sample of Jovan, and a South Beach diet bar, (you are only seeing the box it came in because it was sooo tasty I ate it before I got a picture).
I had some deals at Walgreens today and will be going again this week so will save those for the next blog. Enjoy your evening.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mailbox finds and more

This was a fun week at the mailbox. Everday I opened the box to find yet another free sample.
Poise pads, Burt's Bees Toothpaste, Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, Oil of Olay Body Wash, Axe Shower Gel and a Under Jams Diaper . Yes a diaper LOL!  I will give it to my niece for her little guy.

It was a week of small savings at the grocery but I still managed some good deals.

 I was able to pick up 4 Banquet dinners for 51¢ each (reg $1.29 each), 4 packages of Farmland sausage 41¢ each (reg $1.69 each), 2 boxes Betty Crocker Potatoes 41¢ each (reg $1.59 each), 1 package of Mission Tortillas 42¢ (reg $1.36)
Total worth $16.46  > I paid $4.92

I found a recipe on one of the blogs I follow I thought I'd give a try. It was for Cinnamon Bread, so this afternoon I was baking. It was easy to make and tastes good. The icing part of the recipe made way too much , in my opinion ( I frosted the entire thing and still had icing on the platter in pools lol). When I make it again I will only make a small amount to drizzle over the top. I think that will be sufficient.

I am still working on the bathroom. I have gotten the trim all sanded and painted. The window trim is done. I need to put one more coat on the door trim. I have not come up with a remedy for the "blue situation" yet. I am working around it for now. I still have the cupboard and the door to sand and paint. I also need to get the light fixture revamped and put up.  Here is a before picture of the door with it's awful blonde woodwork (of course this is not a true "before" picture since it was taken after the blue smurf rolled over my walls (LOL).

Spring is coming and I will need to spend my time working on my garden and getting a flower garden in. I hope to be sharing all my cool "finds" in the next few weeks.
Enjoy your evening and thanks for reading my "blog".

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday finds

Today was my youngest childs birthday. He turned 14. He asked for a chocolate cake.  I found a recipe and whipped up a cake and frosting. I am not a fan of cake unless it is from scratch and I don't know why all these years I have been torturing my family with box cake mixes. I was taught how to cook and bake when I was young, and have, I guess been lazy. No more. The cake is amazing!
He wanted to hit some thrift stores so off we went. I managed to find some deals.
If you remember from an earlier post, I had some naughty cats that broke some glass in my antique picture frames. Well today I found two more frames with glass 29¢ each!! Also at this same store my son found a docking station for his I-Pod for $1.97 (these run upwards of $15.00).

Another great find was at my favorite place (where we buy by the pound)
A cast iron griddle. Just needs cleaned up and seasoned. We all know how expensive these are new. Also found a brand new Christmas kitchen towel, brand new in sealed box silver plated ornament (Cat in the Hat), and also new still sealed in its cellophane Fun Frames kit (which will probably go into some little ones Easter basket). $5.71 for all. The pan alone would have been worth that!!
At the last store I found a bag of cookie cutters for $2.98, I mainly wanted the bunny cutters and when I discovered the two small Mickey Mouse cake pans I knew I would make my money back when I sell them on ebay. The rest of the cutters that I don't keep, I will just bag up and sell at my yard sale.

Wow a busy day. But wait! I got freebies this morning. When I discovered I was out of milk, while making that cake. I ran up to Walmart. While there I picked up my granddaughters birthday gift (her birthday is today also she is 7). I also checked on some things I had coupons for and ended up with free stuff because of the low prices.

The value is $6.08 but after coupons it was FREE!!
That's it for today. I hope to tackle that bathroom tomorrow and come up with a color I can live with. Have a good evening!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saved $41.60 today corrected

Big savings today!
3 - Kelloggs Raisin Bran Extra  reg 4.36 each
4 - Kelloggs Raisin Bran reg 3.78 Each
3-  Kellogs Frosted Mini Wheats reg 3.69 each
On sale for 5 for $10.00, 2 in store coupons for $5.00 off 5 off plus my own coupons  3-$1.50, 1-$1.00
Value $39.27 I paid $4.50 thats 45¢ a box!!!

and there is more!
Van Camps Pork & Beans reg price 78¢ each. I ad matched (HyVee today only) them for 38¢ . I bought 9 cans.I had a $1.00 coupon off 4 cans which they ended at a cost of 27¢ a can.
Rotellas Vienna Bread reg $2.69 each. I ad matched (same HyVee ad) for 98¢ each. Bought 4 for $3.92 less than the cost of 2 loaves at regular price.
Charmin 12 roll $6.98 reg I ad matched (Super Saver) for $4.84 then used a 25¢ coupon too.
I also got this item today for free (price before coupon $4.19).
Those were my finds and savings today. Have a great evening.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fridays finds

I stopped by Fareway on friday. They had a really good sale going on. Tidy Cat reg $3.99 for $2.99 I had $1.00 off coupons. All detergent regular $3.99 for $2.99, I had $1.00 coupons. Dole bagged lettuce regular $3.39 a bag, for 98¢ (I didn't have any coupons but that was a great deal). I ended up paying $19.15 for $38.70 worth of stuff!

I recieved some free samples in my mailbox this week: Arm & Hammer toothpaste, Fekkai Glossing Cream, and some Breathe Right Strips.
I started sanding on the woodwork trim around the bathroom window today and will work at it again tomorrow.
No I have not figured out the walls yet but am doing some experimenting on a sheet of plasterboard in the basement. Enjoy your evening!