Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Deals this week

Monday when I went in to work, several people had coupons for me. So after work I ran back to the store to take advantage of that sale I mentioned in my last blog and some ad matching too.
I picked up 4 more Banquet dinners for 51¢ each (reg $1.29 each), 4 more packages of Farmland sausage 41¢ each (reg $1.69 each),
4 bags of Ore Ida Hashbrowns $1.49 each (reg 3.99 each), Lays chips( a new kind) for $1.98 (reg $3.99)
and they actually paid me 9¢ each for the Lunchables (they were on sale for 91¢ and coupons were $1.00 each)
Total worth $34.63 > I paid $11.62

Then it was off to Target!
 Where I bought games as you can see. LOL!

Monopoly on sale $7.00 (reg $10.99) I had 4 - $5.00 off coupons, Connect 4 on sale $7.00 (reg $11.98) I had  4- $4.00 off coupons, so I paid $2.00 each for the Monopoly games and $3.00 each for the Connect 4 games (WOWEE!!!!)
 The Band-aids ended up costing me 44¢ a box (reg $1.84) and the Dove Shampoo also cost me 44¢ (reg $3.44)
Total worth $99.00 > I paid  $25.46 ($4.00 of it was tax)

We found some things in our mailbox this week too!

The box from All-Bran contained 2 kinds of cereal samples and a package of flower seeds, I also recieved  a nice sized sample bag of dog food, a one wipe sample of Jovan, and a South Beach diet bar, (you are only seeing the box it came in because it was sooo tasty I ate it before I got a picture).
I had some deals at Walgreens today and will be going again this week so will save those for the next blog. Enjoy your evening.

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