Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday finds

Today was my youngest childs birthday. He turned 14. He asked for a chocolate cake.  I found a recipe and whipped up a cake and frosting. I am not a fan of cake unless it is from scratch and I don't know why all these years I have been torturing my family with box cake mixes. I was taught how to cook and bake when I was young, and have, I guess been lazy. No more. The cake is amazing!
He wanted to hit some thrift stores so off we went. I managed to find some deals.
If you remember from an earlier post, I had some naughty cats that broke some glass in my antique picture frames. Well today I found two more frames with glass 29¢ each!! Also at this same store my son found a docking station for his I-Pod for $1.97 (these run upwards of $15.00).

Another great find was at my favorite place (where we buy by the pound)
A cast iron griddle. Just needs cleaned up and seasoned. We all know how expensive these are new. Also found a brand new Christmas kitchen towel, brand new in sealed box silver plated ornament (Cat in the Hat), and also new still sealed in its cellophane Fun Frames kit (which will probably go into some little ones Easter basket). $5.71 for all. The pan alone would have been worth that!!
At the last store I found a bag of cookie cutters for $2.98, I mainly wanted the bunny cutters and when I discovered the two small Mickey Mouse cake pans I knew I would make my money back when I sell them on ebay. The rest of the cutters that I don't keep, I will just bag up and sell at my yard sale.

Wow a busy day. But wait! I got freebies this morning. When I discovered I was out of milk, while making that cake. I ran up to Walmart. While there I picked up my granddaughters birthday gift (her birthday is today also she is 7). I also checked on some things I had coupons for and ended up with free stuff because of the low prices.

The value is $6.08 but after coupons it was FREE!!
That's it for today. I hope to tackle that bathroom tomorrow and come up with a color I can live with. Have a good evening!

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