Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mailbox finds and more

This was a fun week at the mailbox. Everday I opened the box to find yet another free sample.
Poise pads, Burt's Bees Toothpaste, Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, Oil of Olay Body Wash, Axe Shower Gel and a Under Jams Diaper . Yes a diaper LOL!  I will give it to my niece for her little guy.

It was a week of small savings at the grocery but I still managed some good deals.

 I was able to pick up 4 Banquet dinners for 51¢ each (reg $1.29 each), 4 packages of Farmland sausage 41¢ each (reg $1.69 each), 2 boxes Betty Crocker Potatoes 41¢ each (reg $1.59 each), 1 package of Mission Tortillas 42¢ (reg $1.36)
Total worth $16.46  > I paid $4.92

I found a recipe on one of the blogs I follow I thought I'd give a try. It was for Cinnamon Bread, so this afternoon I was baking. It was easy to make and tastes good. The icing part of the recipe made way too much , in my opinion ( I frosted the entire thing and still had icing on the platter in pools lol). When I make it again I will only make a small amount to drizzle over the top. I think that will be sufficient.

I am still working on the bathroom. I have gotten the trim all sanded and painted. The window trim is done. I need to put one more coat on the door trim. I have not come up with a remedy for the "blue situation" yet. I am working around it for now. I still have the cupboard and the door to sand and paint. I also need to get the light fixture revamped and put up.  Here is a before picture of the door with it's awful blonde woodwork (of course this is not a true "before" picture since it was taken after the blue smurf rolled over my walls (LOL).

Spring is coming and I will need to spend my time working on my garden and getting a flower garden in. I hope to be sharing all my cool "finds" in the next few weeks.
Enjoy your evening and thanks for reading my "blog".

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