Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fridays finds

I stopped by Fareway on friday. They had a really good sale going on. Tidy Cat reg $3.99 for $2.99 I had $1.00 off coupons. All detergent regular $3.99 for $2.99, I had $1.00 coupons. Dole bagged lettuce regular $3.39 a bag, for 98¢ (I didn't have any coupons but that was a great deal). I ended up paying $19.15 for $38.70 worth of stuff!

I recieved some free samples in my mailbox this week: Arm & Hammer toothpaste, Fekkai Glossing Cream, and some Breathe Right Strips.
I started sanding on the woodwork trim around the bathroom window today and will work at it again tomorrow.
No I have not figured out the walls yet but am doing some experimenting on a sheet of plasterboard in the basement. Enjoy your evening!

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