Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy............

I simply have not had time to sit and write. I have been busy with work, shopping, cleaning, decorating and trying to find some time to throw baking into it all too. LOL.
I always find time to stop at Target though ( wink, wink  ;)
Here are some of the freebies I got last week.

The Pictureka Games reg price $5.00 each, The Hungry Hippo's games reg price $5.00 each the candles reg price $4.49 each, Cottenelle wipes reg price $3.19, cat food reg price 59¢ each,  everything else reg price 97¢ each
Total value $57.82 > I paid nothing ALL FREE!!

Here are some other deals:

Chex Cereals  reg $2.99 each  > I paid  $1.50 each
Chips Deluxe reg $2.99 each > I paid 99¢ each
Campbells Soups reg 89¢ each > I paid 35¢ each
Stove Top reg $1.49 each > I paid  49¢ each
Suave reg $1.34 > I paid 34¢
Tide reg 97¢  > after coupon I earned 3¢
Cool Whip reg $1.19 each > I paid 14¢ each
Rhodes Rolls reg $2.99 each > I paid $1.49 (if you haven't tried these you're missing out they are amazing!)

Total Value $30.38 > I paid  $11.07

Going out to Target in the morning to hit another great deal or two, and finish my Christmas shopping.
Hope you have a good evening!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

90 Years! WOW!

We celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday today! Actually her birthday is tomorrow Dec 6!
I mention this not only because it is awesome, but Grandma is my biggest fan here on my blog ! She did mention that she has missed reading it of late. I will try to keep up more on it.

I had some deals at the store today:
Advil   original price$4.19 - I paid > FREE

Country Bobs Sauce original price$3.19 - I paid > FREE

Coffemate original price $3.00 each - I paid > $1.00 each
Quaker Oats original price$2.86 - I paid > 15¢ each

Total Worth $27.96 > I paid $4.45

Yes I have still been doing "Target Runs"!
Finish dishwasher detergent original price $2.50 (on sale) - I paid > $1.00 each
Axe Body Wash original price $3.84 each - I paid > $1.92 each
Olay Body Wash original price $5.04 each- I paid > 4¢ each
Right Guard original price $2.49 each - I paid > 49¢ each
Feminine pads original price 89¢ each - I paid > 14¢ each
Tide 97¢ each coupon was $1.00 each so they paid me 3¢ each
Reach  97¢ each coupon was $1.00 each so they paid me 3¢ each
Secret  97¢ each coupon was $1.00 each so they paid me 3¢ each
Degree Deoderant 97¢ each coupon was $1.00 each so they paid me 3¢ each

Whiskas Cat Food original price 57¢ each - I paid > 29¢ each
Cat Food 77¢ I paid > FREE

Total Worth $50.89 > I paid $13.09

Beggin Strips  original price $2.59 each- I paid > 59¢ each
Purina Cat Treats original price $1.42 each- I paid > they paid me 16¢ each after coupons
Chips Ahoy Cookies original price $1.99 each (on sale)- I paid > 99¢ each
Reveal Light Bulb original price $2.74  I paid > 24¢

Pepperidge Farm Cookies original price $2.99 each  - I paid > 1.50 each  
Total Worth $26.55 > I paid $7.90
                                                                    Dave's Finds

I have not shown any of Dave's finds from work (junkyard). But he has found some great Wilton pans. Most appear to be new (well unused) with price tags still on them.

I wish I had time to get them up on ebay, but I am so behind. The Christmas tree is not up, the shopping is not comepleted and I need to start the baking too! I can't believe I made time to get this blog out but my fans have been wondering if I quit it. No I am just busier than usual these days. But I promise to "try" and get it out more often - so keep checking back!

Have a "good evening"

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's been awhile....

WOW! I didn't realize I had been away so long!
I have had many, many "Target deals" in the past month that I will share (not all at once though LOL)
First - I was in a car accident in October which put a crimp in my life and set me back on getting things done around here. I am fine! My truck is in the repair shop as I write this. It will be "good as new" in a few days. Until then I have a rental car that is hmm "different" is the word. As my sister put it when she also had one like it as a rental this past summer - "it is like riding in a coffin" LOL. It's a Chevy HHR.
Okay enough of that.
I am so proud of myself! I have been coming to terms with "letting go of stuff". I am not as bad as some of the "hoarders" I have seen on television. I do have the problem but not nearly as bad (yet). This past summer and fall I have seen first hand how this can be a problem". So my first move was - after we had the yard sale, everything that did not sell I put on the curb. I then went on craigslist and put out an ad, that it was all out there. Within an hour every bit of it was gone! If I would have waited to haul to the thrift store I fear I may have lapsed.
Next I have been gradually taking things out of the basement and "giving them away" on freecycle. So far I have  given away several boxes of clothing and much misc, that was just gathering dust waiting for that "someday that I might need it".
So here are some pictures of the items I have gotten "free" this past month.

YEP all free and yes there is more free and nearly free stuff .
Hungry Man Dinners $2.79 I paid 79¢ each
Velveeta Shells & Cheese reg $1.79 I paid 75¢
Land O Lakes Butter reg $1.89 each I paid 24¢ each
Lysol Fabric Mist $2.50 I paid 50¢
Vaseline Lotion  reg $2.89 I paid 69¢
Jello Puddings 89¢ each I paid 39¢ each
Beneful Dog Food $1.67 each  I got both free
Whiskas I paid 45¢ for both (BOGO)
Meow Mix I paid 1¢ each
Bic Razors reg $2.99 I paid 49¢
Right Guard 2 pks reg $4.00 each I paid 48¢ for each 2pk
Tide 97¢ each I got all of them for free

Total Value $40.34 > I paid $8.86

More later.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Apples and Target

I have not been posting regularly due to being sooo busy shopping for practically free at Target and putting up apples!
My oldest son brought me 3 bags of apples this past weekend and I just finished the last bag, (peeling, slicing, freezing). I froze 48 cups!
Next,  I need to can the few pumpkins I have gotten so far , a whole 3, had 4 but the squirrels ate on one for 2 weeks. There are 2 green ones still out there and I am hoping the squirrels will leave them to ripen.

I have become obsessed with Target! OMG! I am bringing bags and bags of stuff home for practically nothing!

Last Friday I got all this free!
Actually the Tide and Clean & Clear were priced 97¢ each , my coupons were $1.00 each so I made 24¢ there and the 2 GladePlug ins were $5.04 each and my coupons were $6.00 so I made $1.92 -- so I had $2.16 towards my other items in my cart.
 Total Value of this in the picture above is $29.48 - all for free!!

Also in my cart- I got more deals!

Suave 99¢ - I paid 24¢
Gillette Body Wash $3.54 each - I paid $1.54 each
Lysol $3.39 - I paid 89¢
Axe Body Sponge $3.49 - I paid $2.74 (plus got that bottle of Axe Body Wash free BOGO)
Yakisoba 99¢- I paid 47¢
Revlon Emery Boards $1.27 - I paid 27¢

Total Value $17.21 > I paid $5.53 (after the $2.16 overage from above)

Hyvee was having a sale that day too:

The Quaker Granola Bars (3pks) were $1.00 each - I paid $2.00 for all 5 boxes
Banquet Fruit Pies were 39¢ each I got 10 = $3.90 - I paid  15¢ for all 10! (not each ALL 10 FOR 15¢)
Kraft cheese on sale 2 for $4.00 - I paid $1.00 each on 5

Total Value (sale prices) $18.90  > I paid $7.15

Target again (last Sunday):

Suave Shampoo reg 99¢ - I paid 24¢
Tide Bottle reg $7.49 - I paid $3.49
Glade Spray reg $2.89 - I paid 89¢
Vaseline Lotion reg $2.69 - I paid 69¢
Alpo reg 89¢ each - I paid 38¢ each
Right Guard 2 pk reg $4.00 - I got for free
Glade motion Sensor reg $5.04 - I made 96¢ after $6.00 coupon
Land o Lakes on sale 83¢ each - I paid 38¢ each
Tide pkt, Pantene shampoo, conditioner and 2 Reach Floss 97¢ each after coupons I made 15¢

Total Value $36.73 - I paid $9.11

Then again on Tuesday ( I said I was obsessed) LOL!

Glade Carpet reg $1.99 each - I made 1¢ each after coupons
Suave $1.20 each - I paid 45¢ each
Gillette Body Wash reg $3.54 each - I paid $1.18 each
Vaseline Lotion reg $2.99 - I paid 49¢
Tide pkts 97¢ each - I made 3¢ each after coupons
Reveal 3 Way Bulb reg $2.51 - I paid $1.01
Reveal 4pk reg $3.44 - I paid 50¢
Hersheys reg $3.79 - I paid 50¢

Total Value $38.75 - I paid $9.30

The other day I got a package in the mail. I was really suprised when I opened it up and found a full size Hamburger Helper, along with a sample cereal  and coupon.

Thanks for stopping in. Have a good evening!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Target Run

Yesterday we did what we now refer to as "a Target Run". LOL.
I got these FREE! Actually I made money on these: Tide are 97¢ each and coupons were $1.00 each (3¢ profit each). The Glade starter kit was $5.04 and the coupon was $6.00 (a 96¢ profit!). The Oreo's were just free.

Vaseline Lotions $2.99 each - I paid $49¢ each
Glade Sprays $2.34 each - I paid $34¢ each
Glade Carpet Powder $2.89 - I paid $1.14
Suave 99¢ each - I paid 24¢ each
Gillette Body Wash $3.54 - I paid $1.54
Right Guard 2pk $4.00 - I paid $1.00
Yakisoba 99¢ - I paid 49¢ each
Friskies Treats reg $1.49 on sale $1.34 - I paid $34¢ each
Total Value $40.14 > I paid $7.82

Earlier we had stopped at Wal- mart where I got 2 bottles of Gain free and 1 can of cat food free.
The Gain was 97¢ each less the $1.00 coupon on each netting me a profit of 6¢ LOL.
The cat food was 60¢
The Dentasticks were $2.98- I paid 98¢

Total Value $6.12 - I paid  $1.58

Junkyard Finds
Dave had a "find" this week! Yep another Wilton pan! Just needed a good wash!

I started aggressively attacking the clutter in the basement and around the house. We are hopefully having a yard sale in the next 2 weeks. Whatever is left over will be donated. I need to make room in the basement. We are planning to put a water closet (toilet & sink) in. We also are replacing the drain pipe under the floor to the main line. Yes a major project for the winter.

As for my hip problems - there are good days and bad days! The medicine is no "wonder drug" that is for sure!
Have a good evening!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm back!

I went to the doctor last week. I have been waking in the night with unbearable pain in my hips and thighs for about a month. I assumed I had "restless leg syndrome" since the commercials described it the same. LOL.
No I do not have it. However it is worse. I will have to have both hips replaced! Of course we will be trying all the latest treatments to put this off as long as we can as I am so "young" (at least when it comes to hip replacement). I had my first full nights sleep last Sunday. It has been at least 3 months (maybe more) that I have slept through the night.
The new medication is not a pain pill as I have been taking Darvocet and was still in pain. It is what is called an NSAID. I am hoping it continues to work.
Though I am sleeping through the night I am still in a lot of pain. I took some time away from my computor because even sitting is painful. It's probably the chair. I am trying to figure a laptop into our finances. I can then sit in my recliner which I have less pain using. I don't have a fairy godmother to buy me one so I will continue here until the pain is too much.
Anyway - last week I did not shop. Today I did go out for the "weekly needs" and sale items. I did get some good deals. Also one day this week I stopped at Walgreens and got some deals too.
This was Walgreens: Cookies reg $1.99 each on sale 99¢ each less coupons 49¢ each
The Vaseline they paid me a penny each after my coupons!

Our Family Pasta reg $1.28 each on sale 99¢ after coupons I paid 74¢ each
Our Family Fruit Cocktail reg $1.28 each on sale 68¢ each after coupons I paid 38¢ each
B.C Potatoes reg 1.79 each on sale 98¢ each after coupons I paid 49¢ each
Crescent Rolls reg $1.89 each on sale $1.48 each after coupons I paid 68¢ each
Pizza Rolls 40 ct (not shown) reg $3.98 on sale $2.88 after coupons I paid $2.08 each
Total Value $32.18 > I paid $14.26

Plus: I got a coupon at checkout for $1.00 off my next grocery purchase.

Junkyard Finds

Dave had a "find" at work last week also.
Another Wilton cake pan just needs a good washing!

Thanks for stopping in. Have a good evening.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grocery Savings

I did some major "ad matching" today at No Frills Supermarket. I got some great deals, too!

They had Our Family Brand cereal on sale with an in-store coupon, 3 for $3.00 reg $3.39 each,( I went back in 3 times LOL).

Rotella's Honey Nugget Wheat bread reg $2.55 each , ad matched from Fareway for $1.29 each ( I actually bought 5 loaves not just the 2 shown)
Pizza Crust Mix reg 74¢ each, ad matched from Fareway 3 for $1.00
V.C. Pork & Beans reg 79¢ each, ad matched from Hy-vee $2 for 88¢ - 30¢ coupon , I paid 37¢ each

Ball Park Franks reg 2.99 each, ad matched Hy-Vee 99¢ each - 75¢ coupons , I paid 24¢ each
Charmin reg $5.98 each, ad matched Hy-Vee $3.97 - 25¢ coupons , I paid  $3.72 each

Sunny D reg $1.79 each, in-store surprise sale 99¢ each - 25¢ coupons I paid 74¢ each
Dole Lettuce reg $3.29 each,, ad matched Hy-Vee 3 for $5.00 ($1.67 each)
Our Family Brand cheese reg $2.29 each, ad matched Hy-Vee store brand 3 for $4.00 - $1.00 coupons> I paid $1.00 each

                                                     Total Value $93.77 > I paid $38.33

If your store carries the Our Family Brand they have their own website and you can print off coupons for their products. Here is a link:  Our Family Brands


I organized my pantry today and printed out some inventory sheets so I can keep better track of our food. Several things I found will need to be used up in the next month as they are about to expire. I will be working our menu around them this next week. LOL.
This is a great place to get free inventory sheets for your pantry and freezer. It's called Organized Home.

Have a good evening!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last Minute Target Run!

I love the fact that Target is 1 mile from my house!
I was skimming through some of my favorite blogs and discovered some more match-ups and coupons! I also discovered they were expiring today! So I got everything printed off and checked my coupons and we (my son and I) headed over to Target! 
Spaghetti O's reg 99¢ each, on sale 50¢ each - coupon 50¢ off 2 > I paid 25¢ each
Campbells Harvest Soup reg $1.79 each, on sale $1.50 each - coupons $1.50 >  2 cans FREE
Snack Packs reg $1.02 each, on sale 84¢ each -coupons 1.30  > I paid 41¢ each
Right Guard 97¢ each - both FREE after coupons
Degree 97¢ each - both free after coupons
Clean & Clear Face Wash 97¢ - after coupon I made 3¢
Tide to go's are 97¢ each - after coupons  I made $1.62
Toms Toothpaste reg $4.17, on sale $2.59 after coupons > I paid 59¢
Chefs Micheals Dog Food 87¢ > after coupon FREE

Total worth $24.37 > I paid $2.82

Once again I must thank TotallyTarget for her blog. She spends a lot of time I'm sure, doing the research for these match-ups. I can't thank her enough for sharing!

I have another great deal to share.
If you are into scrapbooking or have wanted to try it check this out
FREE Download of Digital Scrapbook Artist
a $49.99 value
I have downloaded it myself and it is for real!
Zero! Zilch! Zip!

I have downloaded free stuff from Amazon before and can attest they do not charge for their free stuff or hit you up to buy something else, etc. I have gotten several albums of downloaded music in the past, this is the first software I have gotten.

Have a good evening!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

36 Coupons Used At Target

I handed the cashier 36 coupons at Target today! LOL. Most of them she had to enter manually since they would not scan. The people behind me seemed disgusted and moved to another register! LOL. So what I saved $47.38!
Most of this was free and some I got paid to buy LOL.

9 First Aid Travel Kits  97¢ each - coupon $1.00 each,  made me 27¢
6 Hello Kitty Band Aids 97¢ each - coupon $1.00 each,  made me 18¢ 
5 Clean $ Clear Face Wash 97¢ each - coupon $1.00 each, made me 15¢
Reach Floss 97¢ each - coupon $1.00 each, made me 6¢
4 Right Guard Deodorants 97¢ - coupon $1.00 each, made me 12¢
Chef Boy Ar Dee reg $1.02 each, on sale 78¢ each - coupon $1.00 each , made me 44¢
Campbells Soup reg $1.79 each , on sale $1.50 each - $1.50 coupons = free
Wishbone Dressing reg $1.89 each, on sale $1.50 - $1.50 coupons = free
Suave reg $1.09 each, on sale 89¢ each - coupon 75¢ =  14¢ each
Snack Packs reg $1.02 each, on sale 84¢ each - coupons $1.30  = 41¢ each
Vaseline lotion $2.99 each, - $2.50 coupons = 49¢ each
Gillette Mens Body Wash $2.99 - $2.00 coupon = 99¢
Ragu Pasta Sauce reg $1.87 each, on sale $1.50 each - $1.10 coupons = 95¢ each
Bic pens one pack was free.

Total Value $51.67 > I paid $5.38

A BIG THANK YOU to Totally Target for the match ups!

A trip to the grocery store today to buy only "sale items" and "weekly needs" was a pretty good deal too!

Del Monte Ketchup reg $1.98 each  - ad matched 68¢ each (Fareway)
Golden Delicious Apples reg $1.79 lb - ad matched  79¢ lb  (Fareway)
Skinner Spaghetti reg 99¢ each - ad matched 50¢ each (Super Saver)
Tostito's reg $3.29 each - ad matched for $1.98 each (Super Saver)
Rotella's Wheat Bread reg $2.69 each - ad matched 88¢ each (Super Saver)
CH Brown Sugar reg $2.38 - ad matched $1.58 (HyVee) - coupon 50¢ = $1.08
Spin Blend reg $2.69 - on sale $1.88 - $1.00 coupons = 88¢ each

Total Value $31.38 > I paid $13.14

My son and his girlfriend stopped in and I sent them home with a First Aid Kit for the car and some Band- Aids! LOL

Have a good evening!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

We moved the "curb find"!

I am exhausted!
Having my cabinet from "the curb" in the dining room was just annoying me! It just did not "fit in" there.
 So today we measured and I decided I would like to see how it would look in the kitchen. I was worried that it would be too "foreboding", (this is where Dave said "too what?"). LOL! First we put it on one side of the refrigerator. Dave said "I think it would be better on the other side". I said "I guess we can try it".
You need to understand that at both places the refrigerator had to be moved and it has a water line hooked to the back of it (umm yea!).
He moved it too the other side and it just didn't "feel" right to me and was very "foreboding". LOL! So my wonderful man ( I helped as best I could) moved the refrigerator , again, and moved the cabinet back to the first spot. After some minor adjustments I found the "right spot" and it also looks great!
( If you are noticing that the cabinet looks different than yesterdays picture, that would be because Dave discovered when we were moving it > that it was upside down! LOL! What a hoot!! LOL.

Now my cookbooks are protected from dust and my appliances are easier for me to get to. It also matches my cabinets ( at least until they get their makeovers).

I am exhausted because, after we pulled out the old bookshelf, another cabinet and the refrigerator I said "oh yuck".
You see we have 3 cats and a dog. Other pet owners probably at this moment are shaking their heads because "they know"! DUST BUNNIES FROM HELL!
So it was time for a good sweeping and mopping. At this point I also discovered the walls could use a washing. So I climbed up there with my rag and bucket and set to work!
 That was the only side of the kitchen I got to today. Tomorrow, if I can get out of bed, lol, I will hopefully get the other side done.

Have a good evening!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Curb Find!

If you read my Monday blog you know about the cool handmade bookshelf I found on the curb. Well the next day as we were driving by this same "curb" (lol) I found this:
Also handmade and OMG is it heavy!! They used quality wood. LOL and it too smelled like Pledge (but was not slippery). Although it is quite nice looking it does not fit my decor, so I believe I may be painting it.
I have to put it in the dining room and that is where my dilema is. I want it to store my appliances in, but if I put it in the kitchen it will just be too crowded. I don't really want my guests seeing all my appliances through the glass doors - in the dining room! I have thought of maybe putting a lace curtain on the inside of the doors.

Any thoughts or comments?

I am blog hopping today. I've read a lot of cool new blogs. Just click a button and you can too!



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Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Monday

Today is the last day of the summer vacation for my son. He will start high school tomorrow. Time does fly by! I took a vacation day and we spent it doing some last minute shopping and had lunch at our favorite place Hu Hot Mongolian Grill.

I received a coupon the other day from Kohl's for 30% off my entire order, so we headed there to check the clearance racks.

I found this top for myself reg price $38.00 >I paid $5.32
My son found these Reebok shoes reg price $59.99 > I paid  $24.49

Total worth $ 97.99 > I paid $29.81

We stopped in at Wal- mart for a few things and I got 2 cans of cat food for free!

Total value $1.34

We then stopped by Dollar General. I do not normally shop here but I am on a mission to find a black ruffled shower curtain, I was hoping they would have one - but no such luck.
I did get these deals though

This 56oz Dawn reg price $3.50 on sale for $2.75 > I had a $1.00 coupon making it $1.75!
The Scrubbing Bubbles reg price $3.25 each on sale for $2.50 each > I had a coupon for $2.00 off 2 making them $1.50 each!

Total value $10.00 > I paid $4.75!!

                                                                Curbside Find
We were driving down the street and found this on the curb!!
Very solid and sturdy ( I think it was handmade) and it was a bit slippery (it smelled like Pledge).
I just happen to need a bookcase! LOL!

I have found a black ruffled shower curtain on!
I have cashed in some of my "swagbucks" for two $5.00 gift certificates. As soon as they load to my account I will be ordering the shower curtain. Yahoo!!
$10.00 free just for using the "swagbucks" search engine.

Thanks for stopping. Have a good evening!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Deals

I am still only buying the sale items and weekly needs, since I am trying to dwindle our "stockpile" before it gets too old.
So today was minimal at the grocery store but still BIG savings.

Folgers reg price $8.98 each > I paid $4.98 each
Skippy reg price $1.98 each > I paid 98¢ each
Farmland sausage reg price$1.78 each > I paid $1.00 each

Total worth $29.04 > I paid $15.92

We did a Target run this evening (it is only 1 mile from our house).

Pillows reg price $4.99 each > I paid $2.00 each
Bagel Bites I paid 24¢
Bic pens 2 packs - free
Tide 2 packs they paid me 3¢ each.

Total worth $16.14 > I paid $4.24

These Tide singles I have been accumulating and putting away for our next vacation. They are great! They are flat and can slip into your baggage and take up no room like a bulky bottle will. We did a lot of laundry last year when we went to ocean, that sand gets into everything. Next year I will be prepared with my "freebies"!

                                                              From the Garden
Yesterday I noticed this yellow finch on my Zinnia's. I had to take the picture from the bathroom window through the screen. It wasn't too clear.
I went into the living room to try and get another picture with the zoom on my camera through our picture window (that has no screen). I looked out and to my dismay it was gone and as I started to put the camera down I realized it was right in front of me!

It was like it came up and posed and then left.
Because of the tint on the window the picture is dim.

That's it for today.
Good Evening!