Sunday, December 5, 2010

90 Years! WOW!

We celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday today! Actually her birthday is tomorrow Dec 6!
I mention this not only because it is awesome, but Grandma is my biggest fan here on my blog ! She did mention that she has missed reading it of late. I will try to keep up more on it.

I had some deals at the store today:
Advil   original price$4.19 - I paid > FREE

Country Bobs Sauce original price$3.19 - I paid > FREE

Coffemate original price $3.00 each - I paid > $1.00 each
Quaker Oats original price$2.86 - I paid > 15¢ each

Total Worth $27.96 > I paid $4.45

Yes I have still been doing "Target Runs"!
Finish dishwasher detergent original price $2.50 (on sale) - I paid > $1.00 each
Axe Body Wash original price $3.84 each - I paid > $1.92 each
Olay Body Wash original price $5.04 each- I paid > 4¢ each
Right Guard original price $2.49 each - I paid > 49¢ each
Feminine pads original price 89¢ each - I paid > 14¢ each
Tide 97¢ each coupon was $1.00 each so they paid me 3¢ each
Reach  97¢ each coupon was $1.00 each so they paid me 3¢ each
Secret  97¢ each coupon was $1.00 each so they paid me 3¢ each
Degree Deoderant 97¢ each coupon was $1.00 each so they paid me 3¢ each

Whiskas Cat Food original price 57¢ each - I paid > 29¢ each
Cat Food 77¢ I paid > FREE

Total Worth $50.89 > I paid $13.09

Beggin Strips  original price $2.59 each- I paid > 59¢ each
Purina Cat Treats original price $1.42 each- I paid > they paid me 16¢ each after coupons
Chips Ahoy Cookies original price $1.99 each (on sale)- I paid > 99¢ each
Reveal Light Bulb original price $2.74  I paid > 24¢

Pepperidge Farm Cookies original price $2.99 each  - I paid > 1.50 each  
Total Worth $26.55 > I paid $7.90
                                                                    Dave's Finds

I have not shown any of Dave's finds from work (junkyard). But he has found some great Wilton pans. Most appear to be new (well unused) with price tags still on them.

I wish I had time to get them up on ebay, but I am so behind. The Christmas tree is not up, the shopping is not comepleted and I need to start the baking too! I can't believe I made time to get this blog out but my fans have been wondering if I quit it. No I am just busier than usual these days. But I promise to "try" and get it out more often - so keep checking back!

Have a "good evening"

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