Friday, November 19, 2010

It's been awhile....

WOW! I didn't realize I had been away so long!
I have had many, many "Target deals" in the past month that I will share (not all at once though LOL)
First - I was in a car accident in October which put a crimp in my life and set me back on getting things done around here. I am fine! My truck is in the repair shop as I write this. It will be "good as new" in a few days. Until then I have a rental car that is hmm "different" is the word. As my sister put it when she also had one like it as a rental this past summer - "it is like riding in a coffin" LOL. It's a Chevy HHR.
Okay enough of that.
I am so proud of myself! I have been coming to terms with "letting go of stuff". I am not as bad as some of the "hoarders" I have seen on television. I do have the problem but not nearly as bad (yet). This past summer and fall I have seen first hand how this can be a problem". So my first move was - after we had the yard sale, everything that did not sell I put on the curb. I then went on craigslist and put out an ad, that it was all out there. Within an hour every bit of it was gone! If I would have waited to haul to the thrift store I fear I may have lapsed.
Next I have been gradually taking things out of the basement and "giving them away" on freecycle. So far I have  given away several boxes of clothing and much misc, that was just gathering dust waiting for that "someday that I might need it".
So here are some pictures of the items I have gotten "free" this past month.

YEP all free and yes there is more free and nearly free stuff .
Hungry Man Dinners $2.79 I paid 79¢ each
Velveeta Shells & Cheese reg $1.79 I paid 75¢
Land O Lakes Butter reg $1.89 each I paid 24¢ each
Lysol Fabric Mist $2.50 I paid 50¢
Vaseline Lotion  reg $2.89 I paid 69¢
Jello Puddings 89¢ each I paid 39¢ each
Beneful Dog Food $1.67 each  I got both free
Whiskas I paid 45¢ for both (BOGO)
Meow Mix I paid 1¢ each
Bic Razors reg $2.99 I paid 49¢
Right Guard 2 pks reg $4.00 each I paid 48¢ for each 2pk
Tide 97¢ each I got all of them for free

Total Value $40.34 > I paid $8.86

More later.

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