Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grocery Savings

I did some major "ad matching" today at No Frills Supermarket. I got some great deals, too!

They had Our Family Brand cereal on sale with an in-store coupon, 3 for $3.00 reg $3.39 each,( I went back in 3 times LOL).

Rotella's Honey Nugget Wheat bread reg $2.55 each , ad matched from Fareway for $1.29 each ( I actually bought 5 loaves not just the 2 shown)
Pizza Crust Mix reg 74¢ each, ad matched from Fareway 3 for $1.00
V.C. Pork & Beans reg 79¢ each, ad matched from Hy-vee $2 for 88¢ - 30¢ coupon , I paid 37¢ each

Ball Park Franks reg 2.99 each, ad matched Hy-Vee 99¢ each - 75¢ coupons , I paid 24¢ each
Charmin reg $5.98 each, ad matched Hy-Vee $3.97 - 25¢ coupons , I paid  $3.72 each

Sunny D reg $1.79 each, in-store surprise sale 99¢ each - 25¢ coupons I paid 74¢ each
Dole Lettuce reg $3.29 each,, ad matched Hy-Vee 3 for $5.00 ($1.67 each)
Our Family Brand cheese reg $2.29 each, ad matched Hy-Vee store brand 3 for $4.00 - $1.00 coupons> I paid $1.00 each

                                                     Total Value $93.77 > I paid $38.33

If your store carries the Our Family Brand they have their own website and you can print off coupons for their products. Here is a link:  Our Family Brands


I organized my pantry today and printed out some inventory sheets so I can keep better track of our food. Several things I found will need to be used up in the next month as they are about to expire. I will be working our menu around them this next week. LOL.
This is a great place to get free inventory sheets for your pantry and freezer. It's called Organized Home.

Have a good evening!

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