Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Already August!

It's already August and what a disappointing Fall it will be with so little from my garden this year. I know I am not alone though, as others in the area have said the same of their gardens.
I managed to get a little less than 3 quarts of spaghetti sauce canned from the few tomatoes we got. I even have a couple tomatoes for our BLT's too.

Mailbox finds
It's been awhile since we had many "free samples" come to the mailbox. This week we started getting some again.

My son has become somewhat disinterested in this mailbox freebies though. LOL. It seems all I get anymore is feminine product samples. I got a diaper , Lanacane, Olay body wash, and some water flavorers too. 
The plumbing is done. Actually it was done on Tuesday night. It is so great to have water pressure. They also ran plumbing for the new bathroom we are putting in the basement. We will start on that next year.

The weather has still been nasty humid. I would love to get back to working on the landscaping in the front. I have decided to go ahead and do the landscaping blocks after all. It just makes for a nicer look.
The mower broke again (after my last report  of it breaking and Dave fixing it).
We had to end up borrowing a mower today. The lawn has not been mowed in 2 weeks and though it hasn't grown all that much it was starting to look unsightly.

 Flipping It For  $$ 

Bought at thrift store for 98¢ sold on ebay for $6.00

 Brand New never used - got it off freecycle (for free ) sold on craigslist for $5.00

 paid 20¢ for unopened vintage kit at thrift store sold on ebay for $8.47

 It's back to work tomorrow so I will say Good Evening!


  1. Awesome finds and flipping. I really should do that instead of just buying stuff. I made a new house rule if something comes in something has to go out..
    I am a new visitor and follower from Over 40 FF.
    I hope when you have a chance you will stop by to say hello. say everyone has a story

  2. Love your blog. Your a gal after my likings too. Just hopping by on the Friday blg hop. Please come by and follow me back.