Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Deals

I am still only buying the sale items and weekly needs, since I am trying to dwindle our "stockpile" before it gets too old.
So today was minimal at the grocery store but still BIG savings.

Folgers reg price $8.98 each > I paid $4.98 each
Skippy reg price $1.98 each > I paid 98¢ each
Farmland sausage reg price$1.78 each > I paid $1.00 each

Total worth $29.04 > I paid $15.92

We did a Target run this evening (it is only 1 mile from our house).

Pillows reg price $4.99 each > I paid $2.00 each
Bagel Bites I paid 24¢
Bic pens 2 packs - free
Tide 2 packs they paid me 3¢ each.

Total worth $16.14 > I paid $4.24

These Tide singles I have been accumulating and putting away for our next vacation. They are great! They are flat and can slip into your baggage and take up no room like a bulky bottle will. We did a lot of laundry last year when we went to ocean, that sand gets into everything. Next year I will be prepared with my "freebies"!

                                                              From the Garden
Yesterday I noticed this yellow finch on my Zinnia's. I had to take the picture from the bathroom window through the screen. It wasn't too clear.
I went into the living room to try and get another picture with the zoom on my camera through our picture window (that has no screen). I looked out and to my dismay it was gone and as I started to put the camera down I realized it was right in front of me!

It was like it came up and posed and then left.
Because of the tint on the window the picture is dim.

That's it for today.
Good Evening!

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