Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last Minute Target Run!

I love the fact that Target is 1 mile from my house!
I was skimming through some of my favorite blogs and discovered some more match-ups and coupons! I also discovered they were expiring today! So I got everything printed off and checked my coupons and we (my son and I) headed over to Target! 
Spaghetti O's reg 99¢ each, on sale 50¢ each - coupon 50¢ off 2 > I paid 25¢ each
Campbells Harvest Soup reg $1.79 each, on sale $1.50 each - coupons $1.50 >  2 cans FREE
Snack Packs reg $1.02 each, on sale 84¢ each -coupons 1.30  > I paid 41¢ each
Right Guard 97¢ each - both FREE after coupons
Degree 97¢ each - both free after coupons
Clean & Clear Face Wash 97¢ - after coupon I made 3¢
Tide to go's are 97¢ each - after coupons  I made $1.62
Toms Toothpaste reg $4.17, on sale $2.59 after coupons > I paid 59¢
Chefs Micheals Dog Food 87¢ > after coupon FREE

Total worth $24.37 > I paid $2.82

Once again I must thank TotallyTarget for her blog. She spends a lot of time I'm sure, doing the research for these match-ups. I can't thank her enough for sharing!

I have another great deal to share.
If you are into scrapbooking or have wanted to try it check this out
FREE Download of Digital Scrapbook Artist
a $49.99 value
I have downloaded it myself and it is for real!
Zero! Zilch! Zip!

I have downloaded free stuff from Amazon before and can attest they do not charge for their free stuff or hit you up to buy something else, etc. I have gotten several albums of downloaded music in the past, this is the first software I have gotten.

Have a good evening!

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