Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Truth Is......

I have found that their are some misconceptions about frugal/thrifty people. Or at least there are about me and why I am frugal and thrifty.
First let me say that we are far from wealthy nor are we poor or struggling to get by (although I will say "been there done that").
I drive a 2010 vehicle, we own a "Harley", we have a modest but nice home.  I have all of this "because" I don't spend frivolously, rarely pay full price, use coupons, shop at yard sales and thrift stores.
Used is not always a bad thing and who will know unless you tell . When I do buy new  - I buy "quality".
 I call myself "cheap" because I am unwilling to "spend" my hard earned money on full price (which is always too much).
As I say we do not "struggle to make ends meet". We pay cash for everything. Sometimes that means we have to "save up" before we buy.
I do not flaunt or brag about what I have. I am not jealous of what others have or obtain. I keep to myself and I guess that leads others to believe I am jealous and "poor".
I do like to brag - about saving money! That is why I have this blog and to share with others how they can too with a bit of perseverance, self control and frugality.
I would love to have comments from others on the subject and how they have been perceived by others for their frugal - thrifty ways.
Have a good evening!

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