Friday, August 6, 2010

Tax Free Friday!

Today and tomorrow my state does not charge taxes on clothing. My son and I got up early to hit some stores. We left about 8:00 a.m. only to find that most the stores we wanted to shop at were not open until 9:00 a.m.
We never waited in any lines and parking was even close.We were actually surprised that there was no "mad rush" at any of the stores. I expect that will happen this evening when people have their checks and are off work. Tomorrow will probably be the worst.

First stop - Kohl's! Before leaving the house I checked my e-mail and "sure enough" there was one from Kohl's with a coupon for 15% off my entire purchase!

Tek Gear athletic shorts (orig price $20.00)> $8.00
 Atari shorts (orig $14.00) >$2.80 
 Apt 9 shirt (orig. $24.00)>  $4.80
Black shirt (orig $10.00) > $3.00
 and Tony Hawk shirt red (orig 30.00) > $17.99
Total value $98.00 > I paid $31.10 (my coupon was worth $5.49 and no sales tax which would have been $2.18)
All were on the clearance racks except the Tony Hawk shirt - it was "on sale".

On to "gordmans". Here is where we bought the most stuff and saved the most.
Black athletic shorts (orig $20.00) > $7.00
 Mecca Black shorts w/belt (orig $40.00) >$16.00
 Mecca Denim shorts w/belt (orig) 40.00 > $14.00
 Mecca jeans (orig $44.00) >$18.00
  purple shirt  (orig $28.00) >$11.00
 green shirt (orig 24.00) > $12.00
 Tap out shirt (orig $24.00) > $7.00
 Tap out shirt (orig $24.00) > $7.00
All were on the clearance racks!
                 Total worth $244.00 > I paid  $92.00 and no sales tax which would have been $6.44
They also gave me a card for 15% off any single item AND a $10.00 gift card!

That was it for clearance racks but we hit some great sales.
At K-mart we bought:
 a pack of Hanes t-shirts (reg $9.99) > $8.50
Rte 66 denim shorts (reg $22.99) > $11.49
Total worth $32.98 > I paid $19.99 no sales tax which would have been $1.40

To Shopko:
Airwalk shoes (reg $25.99) > $19.99 no sales tax which would have been $1.40

Target :
Hanes socks (reg $7.98) $5.00 but I paid $4.00 since I printed off the coupon from their website!
no sales tax which would have been a whopping 28¢! LOL

Hot Topic:
Buy one shirt get 2nd 1/2 off
Total worth $$35.00 > I paid $27.50
no sales tax which would have been $1.93

The total sales tax I saved today was $13.63
It may not seem like much but I'd say it paid for my gas and part of our lunch.

New Design
Yes I have changed the design again. I have just not been able to find something that fits me, other than the black. I think the black made it to hard for people to read so I changed to this. Let me know your thoughts.

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