Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday finds

I was in the area of Target today, so I used up my coupons that were expiring- today! LOL.
Not a whole lot but still better than paying full price.

I paid 24¢ (reg $2.24) for the Bagel Bites, Busy Bones $1.09 (reg $2.84), Beggin Strips $1.09 (reg $2.34), Tide (reg 97¢) They paid me 3¢ each (LOL).
Total value $10.33 > I paid $2.33
All thanks to coupons!!

I was in the area of Fareway also so I stopped for their sale stuff.

Van Camps were 4 for $1.00 with an in-store coupon,  (reg 68¢ each) Wheat bread $1.09 each (reg 2.29 each) Ball lids $2.19 each (reg $2.89 each) my coupon was buy 2 get one free so I actually paid $1.46 each, Era 32 load (not shown) (reg 3.99) on sale $2.99 I paid $1.99.
Total value $22.25 > I paid $10.64

I have quite a grocery list started for tomorrow. I am hoping I have enough tomatoes to at least put up 3 quarts of spaghetti sauce. We have been able to get a small bucket of them and I see there are maybe half dozen more out there (if they are any good). This years garden has not gone well due to ALL the rain. My squash and pumpkins are not producing fruit. I am going to attempt to pollenate them myself tomorrow. The Roma tomatoes are almost dead. I have had only 1 pepper out of 3 plants. Not many jalapeno peppers either like usual. Green beans I have harvested twice from (not many) and they are about done. The pole beans have not produced hardly anything. Cucumbers are doing fair but seem to be stunted. carrots have nice tops but nothing below.
We not only had an over abundance of rain we have had a problem with moles in the garden this year too. They did not bother it last year. They have also killed off some of the plants the shade garden I started.
I have never had a garden go so wrong on me before.

Anyway, I am going to try some new recipes for making my own Ranch dressing and Italian dressing.
If I think they are good I will share them.
It's late so I will say Good Evening!

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