Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another Busy Saturday

I was driving out to where Dave works on friday, ( a gravel road along the river where people seem to think it is the garbage dump).  Along the road someone had dumped off a few of these concrete scalloped edgers.
Of course I knew I could put them to some use, LOL. There were only a few (2 are not pictured). I stopped and loaded them into my SUV.
Today I put them to use to help keep the soil from continually washing down, pushing water into a storage room under my steps.

 I will do this on the other side as well. I will also be putting a flower bed on this side next year.

Here is a couple before pics of the new front flower bed

I laid it out then scraped off the top

planted some flowers and seeds.
Here is what it looks like now that I added some mulch today and "children" (lol)

( I didn't realize til now how the pic seems out of focus. I took this at dusk, I  will add a clearer pic tomorrow) You get the idea how it's coming along though.

I have discovered  that going to Menards on Saturday mornings gets me some great deals.
I was there to get more mulch and they were marking things down. I got a real tall "Shephards Hook" for $5.88  (reg $16.98) and as I was leaving I found these cute little "Scented Windowsill Garden" kits.  for $1.00 (reg $6.98)

They are copper colored tin pots with a tray, growing medium and seeds. I bought 2 and both are different seedwise. One has Silver Thyme, Lemon Balm and Mint, the other has Spearmint, Peppermint and Mint.
They will look great on my windowsills! Can't beat them for a buck!

Got a great deal on corn-on-the-cob at No Frills today 12 ears for $2.99!! WOW!
  (It is usually $3.99 for 6 ears).
It will go over well at the picnic tomorrow.

I got all the rest of my perennials planted today, except one. Still trying to decide where I want to put the other "Butterfly Bush", sis bought me.
We put up "another" trellis for the climbing green beans and some fencing around the pumpkins to get try and keep them off the ground.
I picked a handful of green beans off the row today! 

I happened to have my camera by me at just the right time today and got 3 of my "family" in the pic.
Here are top L-R "Blacken", " Boot-Z" and "Damon" (aka "itty-bit") bottom.

Enjoy your evening. Thanks for stopping in to read my blog!

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