Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Still Around

With the warmer weather I am so much busier! When I am not at work I am usually up to something in one of the gardens I am attempting to create. Then there is the bathroom that still is not done, but, I am working on it every extra chance I get.
Needless to say, the only time I am on a computer is at work and "blogging" there is a big NO! NO!
Also, I have had PC problems since an Microsoft "update" on 6/23/10 (anyone else?)  I restored twice. This last time I did not install the updates and it's back to working fine!
I have not been to many yard sales. There just have not been any that have looked "appealing" to even stop at. Oh well, I am trying to get rid of what I have here before I bring more in, anyway!
I had some great finds this past weekend though,
We had to run out to Menards and while there I discovered Geraniums 6 for $1.00. Then they brought out a cart while I was there of marked down planters. I got 2 for $1.00 each- already planted! The pots are worth that!

The Geraniums look real nice in my blue pots. Oh, tonight when we were leaving the house Dave looked over and said "I really like those blue pots". (That made me feel good).

We did a Target run Sunday and got some good deals too!

The Stove Top was $2.24 before coupons, I paid $1.24 normally I don't buy this, but with the coupon deals and this new flavor I wanted to try it.    The Glade was $3.49 , I paid 49¢. The Q-tips cost me 89¢ each (reg $1.89 each),  Wonka candy was $3.49 - I paid 99¢,  the Crystal Light are the bigs ones that are $3.98 each I got them on sale $2.98 each - less one $1.00 coupon, I paid $1.98! Total worth $21.20 - I paid $11.70

I have had "ugly" curtains up since we moved here 3 years ago. They were some that were left and some I had and they didn't even match. LOL. I have looked at the prices of drapes but for my big front window it would cost me an "arm and a leg" ( neither of which I am willing to part with, lol).
I was at the Family Dollar last friday and found they had some pretty "nice looking" ones for half off on clearance. They only had 3 panels,. I found another panel at their other store (funny that store only had one hmm). They were $7.50 and the valances were $4.80.  They really match the coloring of my funiture. They also look pretty nice. I took a quick pic while I had them up temporarily to see if I would like them. I think when Ifind some material I will line them. They sure look better than the old ones.  lol!
So here are the curtains that were here when we moved in (yuck plaid!)

I had to get the plaid -gone, so I used some thermal curtains that were the same color but had a design. Not real attractive either. The window faces the west, the sun just heats up the room and blinds us so bad . (I solved that problem this weekend with some window tint).
Okay don't these look much better (even though they came from the dollar store)?

Then finally here is my other deal of the weekend. All these groceries were free!
 15 cans of veggies, 4pk of yogurt and the new Kraft mac and cheese Explosion  >Total value $13.07!!!

Enough for now. Hopefully will be able to get back on schedule now. Thanks for stopping. Have a good evening!

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