Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Again

I wanted to blog more often but it has been less. I just can not find time to do everything I want to do in a day.
                                                             From The Garden
The garden is starting to produce a bit more. I was able to get these few tomatoes and I don't expect to get many more. The rain just keeps coming and the ground is not drying up. I had to throw out some cucmbers that were laying in water and had grown fungus all over them.

The flowers are all doing well too. Those clearance flowers I bought for $1.00 each
Just look at them now!

They just needed some attention.
My favorite flowers are Lilies and more of mine are in bloom and they just smell so good!

We had another storm last week with winds of 80 miles per hour. Luckily we had no damage at our place.

This was taken as it was coming in . The northern part of my city got it worse than we did. Looks like we caught the edge of it.

Trash to Treasure
Dave brought me this old cast iron kettle, the bottom is missing and the top piece (cover) I took off.

It's really old and there is just something about it I like. I found a clay pot fit perfectly in it.
 Notice something different in these two pictures?  The wiring is hooked up to the outlet. Now I can put in my pond! YAY!!  Dave got the outlet finished today. So expect pictures soon ( I hope) -(yet another project). I have all the stuff for the pond I was just needing an outlet .

I didn't take any pictures but my son and I hit the clearance rack at Kohl's this week and he found a pair of APT Jeans for $6.00 (orig price $60.00)  and a pair of shorts for $2.80 (orig price $14.00) plus I had a coupon for 20% off entire purchase so I paid  $7.53  for all!

No great grocery shopping deals to speak of. Only bought a few things this week. I am trying to use up all we have in freezer and pantry before it goes old.

Have a good evening!


  1. Visiting from nff.
    Your lilies are beautiful! I love lilies & can never seem to get them to survive from one spring to the next.

  2. I'm jealous. my dang garden isn't doing so great. I think its the heat (we'll go with that... I think it's actually me not knowing what I'm doing... it's my first one.) everything looks great. hopped over from mom loop