Sunday, July 25, 2010


Can you spot the little fawn? I barely saw it when we went for a ride to check the river. So cute!
Yes, I missed Saturday again. Ho-hum. LOL
It was a "not so good day" and progressed that way all day.
First the lawnmower broke. I reached down and grabbed the pull thingie, gave a yank. Then there I stood a piece of rope with a plastic handle dangling from my hand. Thankfully I have Dave, who can fix just about anything.
With the heat and humidity the swimming pool was starting to turn green. Ugh! The pump had gone out. I checked around and the cheapest pump in town started at a mere $300.00, I didn't pay that much for the pool! This was the second pump we have been through. The one that came with the pool expired on us last year. Luckily someone Dave knows, gave us theirs since their pool leaked. (At this time we have no friends willing to part with their pump). So I got on the great "find anything website" aka - Craigslist! Voila! There was one right here in my town for $50.00! 
The guy told us he bought it new for $129.00 used it a month and a half.  He moved and got rid of the pool.
We went over last night and he plugged it in and he even said "if it doesn't work", bring it back I will give your money back. WOW you don't hear that often. Very doubtful he was scamming since we know where he lives.LOL.
It is a really nice pump and better than the others we had, but, we found that the hoses were bigger and would not fit onto the ports on our pool! NOOOOOOOO!
Again I am so lucky that I have Dave who can "figure something out"!
The pump is all hooked up now and pumping out all the algae!!! YAY!  Dave is my hero!!
The guy said while we were there, "do you have a use for this area rug"? He said "its not that old and we don't want it". I checked it out and it is definitly "not very old"! My son was overjoyed when I stuck it in the truck and he asked what "the heck is that". (WOW sometimes it's the oddest things that can make them happy LOL).
He has been working on the rec room in the basement. The tile floor is old, ugly and chipping away. Now he can cover it and that is what he did as soon as we got home.
Dave's "plumber acquaintance" was just here. They will be doing the plumbing Tuesday. Yahoo!! I won't know what to do with "water pressure" LOL.  We are getting a discount, because > Dave is going to help him. Further we will be paying very little for the copper pipes and fittings. Most of it is coming from Dave's work. (No, it is not used). As I have said before - you would not believe the stuff that comes into the scrap yard.
Dave's boss told him he could set aside any new stuff that comes in that we can use for the plumbing job. We will just be buying anything more we need at Menards. This will be very helpful because copper is not cheap.
We are not having the drainage done, just the water pipes. The plumber is going to give us an estimate though on replacing a drain pipe under the floor and adding a spot for a toilet. Then I will have my second bathroom! We will be doing most of the work for that ourselves, with him coming in for the "official stuff".
When I found this house 3 years ago it had everything on my list that I wanted, except one>a  second bathroom!
You rarely find everything on your list of must haves. I fell in love with this place when I walked in the door. So when it came down to my list and it was just the one thing - I accepted it, because, Dave "knows people" and plumbing. The reason we are having a plumber in though is, although Dave knows plumbing, he is 1) not licensed and we have city laws on that, 2) he is not a professional and therefore it takes alot longer (like days). I cannot be without water for very long. The plumber said it would be done in about 5 hours. $30.00 an hour. WooHoo I can handle that!

                                                             Deals of the day!

Hyvee was having a coupon sale, I got the Brownie Mix for 49¢ (reg $1.58), mac & cheese 17¢ each (reg 58¢ each), brown sugar 99¢ (reg $1.89), Sara Lee Bread 99¢ (reg $2.28) the Kool-aid was on sale for 10-77¢ (reg 8 - $1.00) I had a coupon for $2.00 off C&H sugar when you by 10 Kool-aid so I paid 88¢ for the sugar!
Value $12.25> I paid $4.80

 The river is up and they said it would crest today. This is where you used to "back down to the river" and drop your boat. This was last night so I expect this area where we were parked is now under water.
 This is the Missouri River.


Bee costume for child, bought at a yard sale for $1.00. Sold on Craigslist for $10.00

Vintage canister set still in the original packaging, bought at thrift store $1.00 sold on Craigslist $5.00

Paid $1.98 at thrift store for this juice set - sold on Craigslist $7.00

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