Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday- and a Fathers Day!

I hope all the good fathers are having a wonderful Fathers Day!
I have a wonderful father and I am truly blessed to have him. He has taught me so very much.

No yard sale finds yesterday. Really there were very few sales to find. 
I worked on the gardens early and then relaxed with some needlework and a movie in the late afternoon.

Deals today: Not many of them either. I did my weekly shopping but bought very little.
I ad matched Oscar Mayer lunchmeats for $1.98 (reg $3.23 each) and used a coupon for $1.00 off two making them $1.48 each, I found that No Frills had Cheetos Zingers on sale for $1.48 (reg $2.99 each). I had a coupon for $1.00 off the new flavored kind so they ended up costing me 48¢. Sara Lee bread was on sale for 88¢ a loaf (reg $2.23 each). Then I ad matched 18 ct eggs for 98¢ ( No Frills sale price was $1.75).
I also got a box of of Jello pudding for free (reg 96¢).

I had to come up with an extension to the trellis I had up for the vining green beans. I had no idea they would grow so high up. LOL
I hope they bear as much as they grow! You can just barely see the fencing at the top we added.

The Roma tomotoes already have fruit on them . The plants themselves seem to have been stunted do to the moles that dug tunnels under them. When I first watered them a few weeks ago several fell over and sunk. I added more dirt and tried flushing the varmit out.  Havn't seen any new tunnels lately.

 The cucumbers are starting to climb the trellis but some are not so I put some fencing down to keep them off the ground. I also have a row of green beans, a row of carrots and a row of radishes here as well .

The pumpkins, squash and more cucumbers are now up in the new box Dave built me this year. I planted another row of green beans yesterday and will plant another row in about 2 weeks.

Well it's back to work tomorrow. I can't believe how fast these 3 days off went by. I feel like I missed one of them.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a good evening!

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