Sunday, June 13, 2010

Menards Tips & My Makeovers

We shop at Menards quite frequently-(I really do mean quite frequently). That is mainly because we are do-it-yourselfers.
 There are many blogs out there that keep you up to date on the "free after rebates" that Menards have frequently and tell you how to "work out" the deals. Menards rebates are in the form of "gift checks" that you can only use at Menards. With your first initial investment in a "free after rebate" product, you then use your "gift checks" to purchase future products that are "free after rebate" and you can continuously recieve actual "free stuff".
I want to add another tip. I have a Menards credit card. I pay it off every month. (Simply deduct your purchase from your checking account and when the bill comes pay it off). Here is the "cool thing" about the card. For every purchase you will get 2% back at the end of the year in the form of a "gift check". ( Last year my gift check was over $50.00). PLUS- every month when you get your bill they send you coupons for big discounts off of products and/or free products. Since you are going to spend your money there anyway this is a great way to get stuff and make a profit too.
When I went to buy the paint for my son's room I used a coupon they sent with my bill for a free duster (reg $2.98).  I am also getting a $4.00 rebate check back from the gallon of paint too!

Listen, free is free! If you can't use it someone can, or gift it. I will use this, but if I didn't want it, an idea would be to give it as a shower gift or housewarming gift, along with some other household cleaning products. Or even stick it on the yard sale for 50-75¢ . It came in a package with the price tag on it so someone would think it's a good deal!

Some of my makeover projects are done!
Back on my Feb 13, 2010 blog I showed you the "ugly" bathroom light fixture:

Ugh how I hated it!
Then I found one that I saw potential in for $7.00 at the Habitat For Humanity Restore

I am not one that likes brass, so it needed madeover.
Well here it is!

I am loving it!! I think it looks quite sharp!

Last summer a neighbor moved out down the block and she gave me some plastic terra cotta colored pots. There were two matching ones that are bigger (about 20in tall). I stuck them in the garage until I got some time to decide what to use them for.
I was out to Menards one day and they had the most beautiful creamic blue flower pots. They were painted to look like the paint ran on them as the were fired. I just loved them, but not for $25.00 each.
I decided to try my hand at copying them as best I could.
I forgot to take a before pic but you all know what a terra cotta plastic pot looks like.
First I painted them with primer:

I think they have turned out really pretty and from the street I doubt anyone will be able to tell they are just plastic pots!

I have been too busy to get them planted, but when I do I will post a pic. I think a bright yellow flower might be sharp or maybe some white petunias. Let me know if you all have any ideas.

My son has just been thrilled with his bedroom makeover! I open the door and I am proud of the way it turned out. He chose the color and when I first saw it on the sample I thought "hmm", I was not sure it would be good. I also was worried it would make his already small room feel smaller. The name also was a bit "off putting" >  Swamp Green.  I went with a semi gloss and I think that helps to brighten it a bit. The room does not really feel smaller. I think using the bright white on the ceiling also helped to not make it feel like a box.

Well it's my bed time and it's back to work in the morning. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good evening!

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