Friday, June 18, 2010

TGIF and I am off work too!

I took the day off so I could do a few things in the yard before the heat and humidity set in. Also they predicted severe weather for last night and early this morning. I did not want my new truck sitting out being hit by hail. Okay, and I love to watch storms and I can't watch them at work. We do not even have any windows in my building.
 We didn't have any severe weather last night, just lots of lightning. This morning I watched what is called a "shelf cloud" roll in. These can bring hurricane force winds. Luckily it appeared to have weakened by the time it got over my block. We had wind maybe 30-40mph if that. No hail, (thank goodness for my gardens sake lol). We also only had a minute of light rain. Over where I work though they had damaging winds, hail, rain and power went out, so I made the right decision yesterday when I put in for the day off. I am putting up some cool pic's of the shelf cloud coming in. As I said it had weakened by the time it got here but it was still neat .

I took this pic directly above us.

After all threats seemed to have moved on I ventured out to get my weekly "indulgence",  LOL. A Scooters Mocha Smoothie with an extra shot.
Then off to Menards for some things that were on sale. I couldn't help myself - again. I went to the flower area and bought 6 more perennials on clearance.

I know I am being "bad" but I can't help it. I had such a beautiful flower garden at the old house and this place had nothing except the Peonies and a couple old rose bushes. I "need" beautiful flowers to look at! LOL! Speaking of - I bought a clematis on clearance two years ago for 50¢ ( they are usually like $8.99). It looked so pitiful but I thought "what the heck, if it dies I am only out 50¢". Well this year I think I got my money's worth and more - just look at it!

A Frugal Tip:
I learned this a couple years ago from a "frugal" website and I have used it several times. It works great.
When you have LARGE flower pots, they can get quite heavy when you put the potting soil in them. Sometimes you are not even able to move them. I also feel that a a lot of that soil is being wasted way down there in the bottom (sorry but I am cheap lol).
Fill the bottom of the pot with plastic bottles ( about 1/4 of the pot). In this case here- I turned the cheap plastic pots that my plants came in, upside down. I didn't have many plastic bottles either so I used those plastic things that strawberries come in, too.

I haven't really planted the pots yet, just stuck a couple annuals and some seeds in them that I have had for awhile (too busy with my perennials. LOL). 
I think they look quite sharp on the front stoop.

I told Dave we now need a new storm door and the stoop painted. LOL! Yep this house needs some cosmetic touches! I getting to them slowly but surely.

Dave's Finds:
Dave found these two Audio Book CD's in a car that came in for junk this week. Both brand new still sealed in plastic. One has a price tag of $14.95 the  other $19.99 What a find! I prefer to read so I will probably put these on Craigslist. Pure profit!

Well I will wish you a "good evening". Thanks for reading my blog!

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