Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Saturday!

Wow! I feel like I have away from my blog forever! Alas! It was just last weekend's blog that was missed though.
A lot of busy, busy, business is all and I was too "pooped' to blog.
I didn't have any "exciting" deals to really swoon about anyway!
Tuesday I painted the ceiling in my son's room. Friday I painted the walls. His room really has needed it since we moved in, as you will see in the "before" pics. Today I cleaned the carpet in his room and Dave installed a ceiling fan in there also. Then we moved that desk we got off the curb, (a few blogs back) into his room. Now his room really looks sharp!
I have before and after pics!

Dave had some "finds" this week at the scrap yard. This nice cooler is approximately 2 ft by 1 ft and 14 inches deep, it has a carrying handle. It works great! I used it for a picnic we went to last week. All it needed was wiped down. I am keeping it in my SUV for groceries. It will come in handy on those days I have frozen items and or meats, etc. Especially with the sweltering temps we've had lately.

He found some other things I will try to get pic's of and post next time.
We had a few "mailbox goodies" this week.

Quik Trip sent me coupons for a free pack of Swisher Sweets Cigars and a free 16oz coffee ( I gave to Dave), Coupons for free box of Kraft Mac & Cheese, and baby food. Free samples: Bacon Salt, Dove Shampoo & conditioner, Tampax tampons and Always pads.
We are having a drive for a "homeless shelter" at work. They are asking for things other than foods (toilet paper, diapers, feminene products, etc). I gathered up all the free diaper samples, baby formula samples, tampons and other samples I recieved that I won't use. I dropped them off.
If there is a free sample, I will sign up for it, whether I use it or not! I figure someone will!

It has been raining and raining! No yard sales to speak of.
Also, not much work getting done on the flower beds or the yard. I have some more plants to get into the ground. My sis brought me two Butterfy bushes, some yellow primrose and some other plants. I also picked up some more perennials at Menards on "clearance" (again lol).
Sis was back visiting this past week (she lives on a mountain in Georgia). We didn't get to spend much time together because, I had to work  :(
Well I am going to sign off and put my feet up (they are killing me, as are my legs and my back, lol).
More pic's tomorrow I have some of my "projects" done and want to show them off too.
Have a good evening!

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