Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day Late

I didn't do my weekly shopping yesterday. I didn't have to much to get so I went today! It worked out well too, it was not busy at all.
I think my big savings was on French's 20 oz mustards. Walmart had the brown & spicy and the regulars for $1.37 each and I had six 50¢ coupons ( making them 87¢ each,  reg $2.36 each). We are well stocked on mustard now. LOL. We do use mustard a lot so this is not overkill. LOL. They also had Hunts Ketchup for $1.00 each, last week there were some 20¢ coupons in paper. I bought a couple, this too we use a lot of.
I "ad matched" the Hy-Vee ad at No Frills and got 4 packs of Oscar Meyer Weiners for 99¢ each and then used my $1.00 off 2 packs making them 49¢ each (their regular price is $3.26 each). I also "ad matched" the Fareway ad for Gracias Nacho Cheese 2 -$3.00 (reg is $2.99 each) I got myself 4 at that unbelievable price!

Dave had another "find" for me. Just what I was in need of too.

I didn't measure it but it is 7 or 8 feet tall (it only clears the basement ceiling by an inch or 2) and has deep shelves perfect for storing . It is all metal and has adjustable shelves. There is nothing wrong with it and no rust. I can just imagine how much this would have cost new!
I am almost done with two of my "makeover projects" and can't wait to get them on here for you to see. Both appear to be turning out really good.

My peonies bloomed early this year and I had to really search for some blooms fitting for the graves.
Here are some pictures of them when they were at their peak last week. They smell so fabulous!

They line both sides of my drive and are a magnificent view when in bloom.
Here is a previous planter "redo". When we moved here there were 3 of these very large planters. This was my first ever re-creation (I only did the one).
Thanks for stopping by. Please stop again. Have a good evening!

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