Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Finds

Not many yard sales today due to the holiday weekend. I did manage to find a few good deals though.
A dozen quart canning jars with the rings - $4.00

This new drainer, looks like it was not a cheapy to begin with, $1.50 ain't bad though. I needed it. The dishwasher has been broken since Thanksgiving. I really don't miss it though and I have noticed that the electic bill has dropped too.

 This has to be my favorite find of the day! These vintage Christmas glasses, the unopened box was $1.00!! I would say they are over 30 years old at least!

I have been working in the yard all day, planting and planting. I had to get all those perennials I bought into the ground.

My neighbor is always giving us stuff. Last summer she cleaned out her garage and I got a lot of "odd" things. This Pepsi thing was amongst it.

I put it aside with the stuff  "I don't want to throw away, but don't know what to do with" (LOL). If I don't figure something out after so long then I usually put it on "freecycle" .
Today I put it to use. I needed to take a bunch of gardening things from the backyard to the front yard and didn't want to make too many trips since it is quite a ways.
 Voila I had an idea!

It worked great! It has handles and drainage. I can rinse it off easily. It can be left outside and won't fill up with rain water.
I may just have to find some more uses for it.
The pool is filling and will be for the next two days, but it will be ready by Memorial Day! My son can't wait to get into it. Me - not so much. I am just not a water person.

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