Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Deals & etc

I really did not need much at the grocer today and the ads this week really did not have any really "great" deals. I only ad matched one item - Crystal Farms cheese for $1.28 and I had a 55¢ off coupon. They had family packs of roasts for $1.99 a lb. I picked one up for $10.54 and there are 3 roasts in it. That is just over $3.00 per roast ( and 3 meals). I divided them up as soon as I got home and put them in the freezer.

 I did receive a nice "bonus" from the store. I did not know that my grocer, No Frills, had register rewards until today.  I received a coupon for $3.50 on my next grocery purchase. It came in handy this evening when I had forgotten to buy ice cream. So I used it and only paid 8¢ for the ice cream!

Thanks to Target "match ups" by Marcy over at Stretching a Buck I had BIG savings at Target today!

All this totaled $33.10 before coupons! I paid $4.85
 ( they actually paid me on some of it - the coupons were more than the item price) such as-
  5 Carefree mini pads paid me 3¢ each to take them , 3 Tide paid me 3¢ each , 1 Herbal Essence shampoo paid me 3¢, 2 Jergans lotions paid me 1¢ each.
The rest went like this:
 Lea & Perrins Worcestershire price $2.54,  I paid 54¢
Bic pens 10 pks  price $1.02 each,  I paid 2¢ each
Bliss bag price $3.39,  I paid $1.39
Bliss bars  price 99¢ each,  I paid 44¢ each
Dove Ultimates Deoderant price $3.49,  I paid 49¢
Nexcare bandages price $1.87,  I paid 37¢
Band-Aid bandages price $1.82, I paid 57¢

A few "finds" in the mailbox this week

Baby Formula, Cascade tablets, Dove Men's Body Wash, Head & Shoulders Shampoo, and John Frieda shampoo/condtioner and smoothing lotion.

I worked on the new flower bed again today.
When we moved here 3 years ago, there was a  rose bush by the house, almost under the pine tree that has not grown and has basically just "existed" . It is in the area where the new bed is going. I dug it up today and moved it out into the sunlight. I am hoping it will finally begin to grow and bloom as it was meant to.

I put it here by the bird bath. (That is my doggie laying back there, she seems to make her way into my yard pics LOL)

Once again I am "beat". Another day of "manual labor". LOL.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice evening!

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