Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday

There were not to many today, again, it was probably because they forcasted all week it was going to rain today. Once again it was a beautiful day in the 70's.  I managed to find a couple of things though, but, not much.
Umm. Yes, I think I have a cookie cutter addiction, lol. No. No. I don't think an intervention is needed - (yet). LOL. The whole bag was 50¢ and I wanted the bat. There are a few other ones I plan to keep too.

These cooling racks were 25¢

I picked up these 8 Kerr quart canning jars for 25¢ each, definitely a deal! Since I started canning again last year ( I had not canned in over 20 years until last summer) I cannot believe the outrageous price for jars.

These "old" Jello molds, this Lennox vase and another small vase (not pictured) for $1.00
 Then there was this cute little plant stand which I just love for only $3.00

Someone put a board on it which was easily removed. I was going to put it on my front stoop but then it really looks good in my kitchen soooo we will see where it ends up and then I will have an updated picture of it.

I have been so busy the past two days working on some "projects" I have been wanting to do for a long time.

First I finished that flower pot I got last week that needed a redo.

When I got it, as you can see, the paint was chipping off of it. Since it is plastic I primered it.

and painted it

When I saw these flowers I just new they would set it off and they sure do!

My daughter gave me this beautiful Jasmine plant for Mother's Day. It smells AMAZING!!

This was the perfect reason to get started on the new flower bed in the front yard. Today we started. We laid out a design with a rope, then I cut along the rope. The rope outlines the shape I want for the bed. Dave then took the tiller and cut the top layer off . That is as far as we got today and I am "pooped"!

This was in the yard when we moved here. I like it but the design "thingie:" really hasn't worked for me. As you can see I haven't even weeded it yet this year. It seems that is all I even do to it - constantly.
Well it will be coming out. The umbrella will be moved to the new flower bed and that Jasmine plant will use it to climb up. (I will be painting it before it is put back in the ground).

I don't know if I have ever mentioned that my "man", Dave , works in the "scrap metal" business (aka: junk yard). You just won't believe some of his "finds".  Maybe I should start a page just for him (lol), or at least a segment.
Anyway he found these this week.Yep those are Wilton cake pans. Nothing wrong with them. Someone brought them in with their load of scrap metal. (OMG!)

Bathroom update:
Friday I did get the cupboard doors sanded and painted. We picked up new hinges and the doors should be ready to hang tomorrow.
The light fixture has been primered and Dave says he will spray paint it tomorrow for me ( I am only good with a brush , lol). I will do some painting touch ups in there tomorrow also. I have not yet come up with a glazing technique for the walls yet (to take away some of the "blue". That is another chore for tomorrow too.
I am so sore from all this "manal labor" LOL. 

Thanks for stopping. Have a good evening!


  1. How did you get the "swirls" in your painted planter? I really like the "after" along with the pretty flowers.

    I like to see the photos of your gardening and landscaping...

  2. Thanks! The swirls were the "messy" part of the whole project. I dipped the brush in the paint and held it crooked like til the paint started running off. I then quickly held it over the pot and just swirled the brush in circles above the pot. It took several tries and several times I had to wipe it off and start over. ( I need to find a better way LOL).