Sunday, May 2, 2010

The cake. LOL!

I have been trying to use up some of the foods in my pantry that have been there awhile. So when I bought strawberries today, on sale for 97¢ a pound, I decided I would not freeze them and I would make strawberry shortcake. Remembering I saw a cake mix in the pantry for a yellow cake (that I do not remember buying or when, lol), I decided not to buy the little Hostess shortcakes.
As I write this I am still snickering, LOL.
I made the cake and when it was done I set it on a rack to cool. I then proceeded to plant my garden, etc. Later my son comes to me and says "your cake shrunk".  I didn't think anything of it, thinking it had just "settled".
I came in later and took a look at it and he wasn't wrong. LOL.

It pulled away from sides LOL and it flattened LOL.
Apparently this cake mix has been in there for a really long time. LOL.
They chose to eat it as shortcake and they said it was really good LOL. I did not think it tasted so good and it was a bit of the chewy consistency. LOL. I ate my strawberries with just the whipped cream and was happy, (and yes I did follow the directions and did not leave anything out). I think it may have been in there at least 4 years now that I am thinking about it. LOL.

As to my deals today, I only have a picture of the "big" one I had. I will only mention the other without a pic. I got 2, 16oz containers of sour cream for 68¢ each reg price $1.98 (they don't expire til July so no problem there LOL).

These bags of dog food are reg price 15.98 each I paid $8.99 each.
Total value $47.94 > I paid $26.97
My doggie will not go hungry LOL.
She is happy even though she looks like a "grumpy old man sitting" here this afternoon.

and now for my "trash to treasure" or "reinvented" ( I am not sure what to call it yet.)
I feed squirrels on my deck. I usually just put things on the railing for them ,which really can look kind of "tacky" some days,(they eat alot of different things so a lot of scraps get put out there.)
We had this pedestal fan that the cage fell off of the front and I continued to use it, until one day I was passing by and it caught my er umm "boob" (laugh I am. LOL). Don't worry the blades were plastic - but it still hurt LOL. As I was about to throw it in the truck for the scrap yard, I thought the cage could be of use.
I had Dave remove both the front and back. then yesterday I told him my "plan". He came up with a way for it to be mounted. I now have a feeder that does not collect water and I can put scraps in.

My squirrels love the tops from the strawberries I cleaned. The birds do too. (I think the cake shall end up in here also LOL).

"From the garden".
I planted 6 Roma tomatoes, 1 big boy tomato and 4 yellow bell peppers today.
I need to go pick up seeds and get them in this week. This picture is not to attractive since I took it after I watered it. LOL.

Oh! A pair of wrens who have moved into the "wren house" ( I am so excited)! Here is one of them coming out.
the other is sitting on top here.

Don't know if there are any babies yet!
Thanks for stopping by . Have a good evening!

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