Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday

I almost did not go out to yard sales today. My son, who is my shopping partner, went "mushroom hunting" with his dad. I tried calling my mom to see if she wanted to go, but she was out. Then I decided "heck with it" I can go alone! I am so glad I did.
The first sale was at a church and I got some AWESOME finds!
 I got these Wilton cake pans, and the pie pan for 25¢ each!!!! Three of them are new never used! The witch one I am sure is retired.
Just last week I sold a Wilton retired pan for $27.00 on ebay, I had paid only $4.00 for!
At another sale I found these old recipe boxes for 25¢ each.

This one is really different. It looks like books on a shelf and you pull down the book that is labeled and store the recipes in it. It even came with some recipes!
My toaster quit working a couple weeks ago. I found this one for 50¢ and it's a 4 slice (mine was a 2).
They let me plug it in and yep it works!
I thought this was too cute to pass up so I bought it for 50¢ I have no use for it but it was cute. LOL
I got a few other things - nothing to really brag about.
My son called me while I was out (he was now home),  so I swung by and picked him up and he found his own deal of the day!
It was at the back of a yard sale. It appeared to have just been pulled out of the garage that was about to cave in. It was dirty and in my opinion "junk". Of course no price on it. I was for sure it didn't work and they had no way of checking it. My son wanted me to ask and I didn't want to cause in my mind it was junk! LOL. The guy was saying "shoot me a price". I don't like doing this either . Well I had started to head towards the truck, when my son hollers at me "mom can you loan me $5.00" LOL. I figured okay if it doesn't work we can sell for parts on craigslist.
This is a Crate amp from the late 70's. You really do not see these anymore. We got it home he plugged his bass into it and you betcha "it works".
I bought him a brand new Crate amp for Christmas  (the smallest they have due to the expense and it cost me $70.00)
This is way way bigger and he paid $5.00 WOW!

So my son is estatic. He has already had several people offering to buy or trade him for it. He is keeping it. I could only find one on ebay and they are asking $150.00 for it.

Here are some "past finds" :

Sweater like new paid 50¢ sold $5.00

table with 2 leaves found on curb sold for $20.00

paid 99¢ for this set and sold for $7.00

Mickey Cake Pan paid $4.00 sold on ebay $27.00

Well tomorrow I will grocery shop. Hopefully I will have some cool deals to share.
Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by.

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