Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baking my bread

It's not beautiful, BUT, it is delicious! It was really easy and I am no longer afraid of working with yeast! It is true that it slices nicely and as you will see below it withstood being made into a grilled cheese sandwich (which was pretty tasty too) !
One was enough for me, as it was very filling.
I think I will be easing myself into making this more and then I will not have to buy so much bread from the store. Just another way of cutting more preservatives out of my family's diet.
I had to do my quarterly shopping at Aldi today and discovered they do not open until 10:00 am on Sunday. I decided I might as well go to Walmart (which is accross the street) and use the coupons I had saved up just for a "Walmart trip".  They do have lower prices on "some" things so if I am in the area I will stop and pick up those items and compare other prices for future reference.
My total before my coupons was $21.54 after the coupons it was $13.92 I was impressed with myself.
I even got these five items free!
I did also bake the Zucchinni Cookies today and they are a hit!
I believe it has been a very good day of "finds". Have a good evening.

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