Friday, February 26, 2010

Todays finds

I haven't been to any of the thrift stores accross the river in the BIG city since last Spring. I have been itching to go, so I got off work at 10am (took some vacation hours) and went to my favorites.
I noticed that thrift store prices have gotten outrageous. Out of the 5 stores I went to today, only 2 of them had decent prices. It's like 1)they have forgotten they got the stuff for free, 2) 95% of it is used and 3)we shop there to save money and get bargains. I will not be frequenting the others near as much as I used too.
I did get some deals at the other 2 stores. The one store had half off all blue tag stuff. The other just had decent prices.

I have a thing for gnomes as some of you may or may not know. I got this one for 98¢! The resin turtle was $2.97 and the resin urn was $1.97! These things would have cost $14.95 or more new. I am so excited to add them to my garden this Spring. The Winnie the Pooh cake pan was 98¢ and the NEW Bugs Life cake pan was also 98¢! I just happened to be in the aisle when the girl put them on the shelf, where I quickly grabbed them. LOL. The plastic bowl was 53¢. I have been in need of a new plastic salad bowl. The picture was 29¢. I bought it only for the glass.
Last week some naughty cat knocked over my corner shelf where all my kids first pictures were in antique frames. All three had the glass broke in them. The frames were not damaged. I replaced the one and only have two to go. I am sure to find more cheap frames with glass in them.
I also found this Pyrex bread pan for 98¢. I needed another since I only have one. I was looking for some mini bread pans but did not find any. Mine are metal and I noticed the other day they were cheaply made and one is starting to get rust.
I spent only $10.36 for it all! I think that I had some great finds today!
I am so ready for some yard sales!
Eveyone have a good evening!

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