Monday, February 15, 2010

Bathroom Color Has Been Found

Okay I believe I have made my final decision on the color for the bathroom. It is called Enveloping Calm. Out of the 6 color swatches taped to the wall this one is left. It is a bluish greyish. ( I will not change my mind. I will not change my mind) LOL.
So hopefully Saturday I will pick up the paint and get on with it. (That is the plan anyway).
I have taken a day off work friday to do taxes, ugh. I found a great free site to do them. It is I used them last year and it worked great. Free e-file too.
I have to file 2 different states and the fee's for them are quite reasonable.

I also found an interesting blog that I will be following and will add it to my list of "blogs I'm following". So check it out. It has a lot of interesting money saving tips.
Have a great evening!

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