Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bang Up Saturday

Saturday was such a beautiful day and I had so many plans to do some gardening, until... I fell down the stairs! I'm pretty banged up with lots and lots of bruises, some nasty looking cuts and stressed muscles.
 I am doing better today. At least I was able to get 3 plants in the ground.
I bought only a few so far. Just enough to make me feel slightly better after my fall.
 Isn't this Black Eyed Susan just beautiful!!

I also got two different kinds of Poppies, some Moss Rose, 6 Roma tomatoes, a Nelli Moser Clematis and a yellow Dahlia. They made me smile and took my mind off the pain.
No mailbox freeebies this week :(
Not many deals either.

I got this bottle of Vaseline Infusion Lotion with it's attached freebie (reg price $5.99) I paid $1.24

Friday I stopped at the HyVee Drugstore on my way home to use the coupons in their ad.

Rotella Bread (reg $2.25) I paid 79¢, canned mushrooms (reg 57¢ each) I paid 99¢ for 3, and Suave (reg $1.09 each ) I paid 50¢ each.
Total value $6.14 > I paid  $2.78

I'm listing on ebay tonight so will get back to that. Have a good evening!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the fall :( Not fun at all! We are too old to be doing will end up breaking a hip!
    LOVE the flowers and the new blog look! :)