Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday

Finally some decent yard sales! There were only a few (probably because the weathermen said there would be severe weather all weekend - they were wrong - as usual)!
First sale, I picked up this really cute tablecloth for Halloween and this lantern which will look good in my garden. The tablecloth was well worth the $2.00 as it is of good quality and like new. It is also a very large one. The lantern as you see was 50¢.
The next sale I got something for my doggie! I have looked at these many times but wasn't willing to part with the $14.95 plus s/h.  So when I saw the $2.00 price tag I snagged it on up!

 Wow it is so much more attractive than the "old pans" she has been using forever. LOL.

She loves it of course (she's a thifty dog)!

I picked up this adorable costume (even my 14 year old son said it was "cute").
It's Scooby Doo and it was 25¢. I will put it up for sale close to Halloween and make a profit off of it ;)
I just wish I could find a "little one" to model it for me LOL!
This FireKing bread pan was 50¢ and the Tupperware deviled egg keeper was 50¢. The cookie cutter "helmet" she threw in for free. The brass thing was 25¢. Brass is paying $1.80 a pound at hubby's scrap yard and this weighs a pound (PROFIT!!!)
Got this little bamboo chair for $1.00 I think a plant on it will look cute.

Last I found these for 25¢!!

Aren't they just "gothic"!!! With some paint and some tapered candles (and something for the middle hmm ideas anyone?) these will look awesome on my dining table! Watch for their makeover in a future blog.
That was my yard saling adventures for today.

Anyone have any to share? I would love to hear and see what your "finds" were.
Please comment or share your link.
Have a good evening!

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